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18.2.01: John Special News Feature  :   the album - the tour

The John Frusciante Tour Diary ©: Exclusive Pictures and features from John's Solo Tour!

This "diary" is updated with new material daily!
John's long awaited 3rd solo record was released onWarner Bros.
 February 13th 2001

the album
  the tour   more John news    tour photo feature

watch: Live highlights from John's Paris show
Courtesy Nicolas' Californication Site -THE source for rare videos

listen: Real audio samples of all album tracks

To Record Only Water for Ten Days

01. Going Inside                    
02. Someone's
03. The First Season
04. WindUp Space
05. Away & Anywhere
06. Remain
07. FallOut
08. Ramparts
09. With No One
10. Murderers
11. Invisible Movement
12. Representing
13. In Rime
14. Saturation
15. Moments Have You

The new album has been recorded on a digital 8-track. Everything was recorded on 2" tape, and then mixed in the regular 24 track desk, adding some extras)
Going Inside will be the first single, B-sides are:
Witch's Promise and The Teacher.

Tour Dates
-Last updated February 28th. Updated continously

Additional tour stops have been confirmed for:

February 13th
The Horseshoe
Queen Street
John Frusciante will be playing an unadvertised Album release party there.
Tickets are available at the venue (free). Start: 9:30pm
New York
change of venue!
The Orensanz

172 Norfolk Street
1.Update from the mangement:
" Slight change of plans: We have moved John's New York solo show on March 15th toThe Orensanz . We wanted to move to a larger venue thus the change.
2.Update:Ticket for NY: Tickets sales start:Friday 3rd at 12am with a four ticket limit. Tickets will be available at the Hammerstein box office, Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone and ticketmaster.com
March 19th,
Los Angeles
Ticket sales start Thursday 1st March 10 am.
Available through all Ticketmaster outlets

Flash Update:John received a nomination for Best Rock Guitarrist (Male) in the 2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards.
The 2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards will take place Tuesday, February 20, one day prior to the Grammy Awards at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, 11:00am-1:00pm.

RHCP won:
"Best International Group" and "Best International Song" (For Otherside) at the
NRJ Radio Awards 2001
in Stockholm.
John accepted the awards and held two speeches at the ceremony on behalf of the Peppers

The entire John Frusciante European tour was sold out ..
But: We held a special competition for a few precious places on the guestlist for each venue!!
More in news and photo feature

Update: 5.3.01-RHCP: New US and Europe Tour plans -new album underway
New RHCP Tour Dates 2001 for US and Europe
RHCP to play UK, Holland & Ireland this year!

The long awaited news and greatest gift of all to European Pepperheads is:
Red Hot Chili Peppers will play several European venues this summer!
UK: V2001 Festival August 18 (Weston Park) +August 19 (Hylands Park)
Ticket sales
start 10.3.
Holland: August 23- Utrecht, -venue: Prins Van Oranjehal
Ticket sales
start 17.2. -dash!

Republic of Ireland: August 25th - Dublin- venue: Slane Castle (opening for U2)
Ticket Sales start
-Who said that Christmas can't start before December..?
+ US plans: There will be a benefit show in N.Y.on March 14th at the Irving Plaza, however, this show is not open to the public.

Meanwhile,work on the new Peppers album has already started- expected to be launched this winter.

The Peppers have already started to work on their new album, after having completed the very last leg of their street sweeping Californication World Tour in Argentine.
John Frusciante has layed out several "walls of sound, some of them containing dub elements"(John)

Chad told SonicNet that the new album is expected to be released around Christmas 2001! And if that wasn't good news enough, the Peppers have promised to hit the road again once the new album has been launched- According to Chad Smith,the Peppers are definitely planning on touring the UK as well as the Rep. of Ireland (first gig after 5 years!).
According to Flea, the band are considering to use some of the new riffs, grooves and sampling techniques, that they have been experimenting with while on tour.
The RHCP bassist feels
very optimistic about the bands current creative drive and chemistry - A phenomeneon which will certainly be reflected in this forthcoming LP of a band already infamous for conveying vibrant energy and positive vibes.

Like to know more about this mysterious new project + John and Flea's solo albums?

27.12.00- update:New single Road Trippin'- Release date, tracklist -and the streaming video!

1. Road Trippin' (Album Version)
2. Californication (Live)
3. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Live)
4. Under The Bridge (Live)

The video for "Road Trippin" is shown on MTV Stations all over Europe now!
"The Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris production set the band in a house on the beach: Using a warm sepia/yellow/orange colour scheme, soft lens and superimpositions throughout, the video depicts John and Flea playing guitar while Anthony is singing. Scenes of the interior of the house bathed in a warm late afternoon glow from panorama windows overlooking a beach, intermingle with shots of Anthony running along a beach playing with a young dog, or the artists' torsos framed by a blazing fireplace.The overall feel is tranquil, profoundly content and glowing. Rarely have I seen a video whose imagery corresponds this well with the song!"
(Review by Fuxia©)
The single Road Trippin' hit continental Europe on December 4th 2000.
This latest release from the award winning album Californication is available internationally only.

 Click to view this masterpiece here:         RoadTrippin' Video Stream
Thanks to Warner Bros and Starla

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27.2.01 - A picture Gallery/ Index for John Frusciante photos and new promo pics + press release have been added! Browse and ogle at leasure - enjoy.. :)
23.2.01- New offstage pictures from John's Paris show. Lot's more from Amsterdam and Toronto in the archives, to follow a.s.a.p.
22.2.01- Live Audio tracks from John's Solo show in Paris! More in the making.
21.2.01- New pictures from the Amsterdam show, 2 new forum- and a new,additional John Frusciante website kindly donated by Antonin de Gardin to Troublekids in.. Soon to be incorporated! this means: even more photos, lyrics and tabs, enjoy!(Thank You Antonio!!)
21.2.01- Three new John articles and reviews
19.2.01- New face for the news section and a Toronto pictures page + Paris setlist for the John Diary- A lot more material- pics, reviews, articles and audio, waiting to be uploaded..
16.2.01 -New live pictures of John in Amsterdam submitted by Jochen Van Roojen.
15.2.01 - The John Tour Diary is growing continuously with pics and reviews- the sky's the limit! Now equipped with menu bar- for those who worked up a good appetite-leading you straight to pages and links dedicated to all things Frusc and beautiful.PS: I got my copy of TROWFTD today :)
9.2.01- The launch of the John Frusciante Tour Diary- A diary written with love by John's "knights in shining armour" - stories as unique as the adventurers themselves, who travelled from all corners of Europe (and even Canada) to experience this magic. Three new stories.
8.2.01- New Exclusive pictures from John's Live session at radio OuiFM Paris.
7.2.01 - The first images of John's Hamburg show, and a personal story about the Paris gig.
All on the John Special Photo Feature Page, This section and news section updated daily!
20.1. - 6. 2.01- daily updates of John tour dates and details,conception, organization and realization of of John ticket competiton, addition of related articles and live photos.
4.1.01- New: All albums in the Discography section have been equipped with audio samples!! Browse, listen and enjoy!+ All singles and rare releases have been added-Troublekids proudly presents: THE most complete discography on the net!!!
Addition of a fascinating interview with John Frusicante on his forthcoming album + tidbits on the new Pepper's album!
9.12.00 - Rare photos of Flea/ Clara and Chad with baby Manon
+ SonicNet interview illuminating some of the burning questions about the new Peppers album and bandmember solo projects added!
25.11.00 - Another Kiedis Interview fresh on the shelves: Rolling Stone 12/14 on: Anthony's personal highlights of the year and his dreams for the next.+ Daily updates for the last two weeks: e.g.: John Frusciante Interview, news on the Road trippin' single and more pics..
15.11.00 - A brandnew interview (December 00 issue) with Anthony Kiedis, kindly donated by Aphrodite.
14.11.00 - New photos added to the pictures section: One more of Anthony and Yohanna, and a very unusual delicious one of John- Nude and with blonde short hair + several new magazine covers!
12.11.00 - Find everything you ever wanted to know about the Peppers.I have added an Internal keyword search function as well as sitemaps and websearch to this site!
04.11.00 - Finally got some time off to work on this site again- sorry for the delay- This time it's some Rare Flea and John sound samples! Five for starters, to be updated continuously until it has become a library of sound! Keep checking back!
04.9.00 - NewMusic has been established: The page dedicated entirely to the musical talent among this community- complete with sound samples, bio, pictures...Forget MTV- this is what music is all about! Love not dosh.

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In a day and age where any serious music lover can't get no satisfaction when turning on the radio, and where MTV is dominated by groups of model - puppets miming to studio singer's voices doing remixes of old chart successes, this band is truly food for the soul.

They dare to be original, are changing their style from album to album instead of watering down and recycling previous hits, yet always remain true to themselves through the decades.

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