Official Fanclub Meeting Memories:
1999 - 2004

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"Access All Areas": Blackie to meet fans in Paris June 10th 2001!

Blackie Dammett, Anthony Kiedis' father and Head Honcho of the official RHCP fanclub met personally with fans in Paris on Sunday June 10th.
This was a chance for Rockinfreaks of the Froggie persuasion to meet the man himself and likeminded fans, have all ones questions answered and a great time to top it all! We found a perfect Froggiefreakapotamus hideout in the "The Lizard Lounge", where we met at 4pm in the downstairs cave with a barman all to ourselves.
Blackie brought a special video with compilations of footage about the Rockinfreakapotamus headquarters in Michigan- Anthony's "home from home", images from Anthony's youth, and the infamous little tribe of wolves. Also available was the entire collection of Red Hot Chili Peppers videos such as "Psychedelic Sex Funk Live From Heaven" to watch, while Blackie listended to fans requests and answered questions indefatigably.
Ten year old James, Blackie's youngest son, withstood the popularityand photoshoots bravely, and produced a plethora of drawings - Future artistic talent ensured in this energetic wee guy who already exhibits a strong, affectionate personality and is positively bursting with ideas. French fans may be flattered to hear that this independent little spirit has fallen in love with Paris and is hellbound on moving here and learning French and as many European languages as possible- Well, he'll have to wait a few years before these plans can be realized, but before this, big brother Anthony and his band are promised to invade Europe with a full fledged tour in 2002, to celebrate the release of their new album expected to hit the shelves during the first half of next year.
PS: Did you know that Blackie actually lived in Paris for a while during his wild youth?

For those who couldn't attend, the best news will be, that Blackie will try to accompany the Peppers on their 2002 tour, in order to give a chance for fanclub members to see the lads like never before- backstage at a special members only " meet and greet"!
Paris Family Album

Photos:© Julien Tessot, Esther Hagege /Text: Sibél

The Big "Hoe -Down "at Blackie's place in Rockford, Michigan
Extracts from the full report in Bmail by Maria

"...I'm very happy to say that this get-together was a big success! ..our Honcho came through for
us and together we all made it work... It was cool to ride in the big tour bus and see where Anthony grew up and the houses he used to live in. Even though I've never met him, reading his lyrics and understanding them fully I've always felt close to "Tony" somehow, like I know where he's coming from... Now after Global, I feel a stronger connection to him.
All in all I had an awsome weekend and I know lots
of us will be staying in touch for a long time to come.
- Host of the fanclub members BBS
(Full Report and many many more in "Bmail" the special section of the Fanclub area on the official site - Thank You Maria!)

Meetings for John Frusciante Solo - Full feature with pics and reports

John Fruscinate's first solo tour and the ticket competition hosted by this site yielded so many pictures and passionate tales that an entire site evolved out of it: The John Frusciante Tour Diary. Enjoy!

Olympia 2002 Promo Tour Meeting in Paris & afterparty à la maison

Free tickets courtesy of MTV France competiton, a tiny intimate venue, equally tiny afterparty hideout venue and a gig well ahead of the big tour, seeing old friends and making new friends from all over the continent plus plenty of good bouffe and drink.. we are happy as sardines in a tin!

Pictures and commentary on our "Freakafamily" page

Slane Castle 2003 - Rockinfreak-A-Farm!

This time we really found the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow- Rockinfreakfamily hideout Western style -An entire, live and running Irish farm, only 5 minutes stroll from the venue, with cottages and barbecue all to ourselves- Blackie helicoptering to breeze in and out of the frontpit we occupied to shake hands- and the entire backstage stock of liquours for ten bands and their crew- donated for free by the amazing Dub catering team, virtually robbed underneath the noses of starving rockstars and delivered in a parade to our afterparty on the farm terrace.. Slane has never seen such a Ceilidh crew yet in its entire history!
Photos to be up soon- please do add your own commentary and mail me (at my old hotmail addy) Slane revellers!

Paris Freak-A-Meet 2004 and Parc des Princes

They came, they saw, they conquered- The wild "Fanatics By Choice" girls from UK, Italy and Spain as well as their French counterparts ruled surpreme in the frontpit and managed what nobody else had achieved so far: Exhaust the bar (and barstaff ;) of all liquid stocks in one single night! Add to that an RHCP rare goodies giveaway and impromptu singalongs, aftertheafterparty-parties.. How can you top that? It's a challenge but you're on girls, the new tour 2006 is just about to begin!

Pictures and commentary on our Paris 04 hideout page

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