The Parisfreakapotami Family Album                 

Olympia -Paris 4th June 2002

The venue: L'Olympia at Monmartre, Paris, a small intimate venue all in red plush- One rare chance to see the band up close!

John Frusciante: taken by Lina Dike who came all the way from Sweden by bus, for the second time.. (see Lina's report in the John Frusciante Tour Diary) and later that year even a third time with her little son'Love', already an ardent John Fan, although John comes only secodn to..model cars;)

Kristina, Mehrnaz, Sibél, cooking up a storm

Lionel of "Me & My Friends" Site and Julien

Olympic dinner , starring: Kristina, Mehrnaz, Lionel, Sibél (Ju on the camera) , Zaziki, Guacamole, Courgette savoury cakes, Mais Fritos, Salsa and green beans marinated in tomato spices and olive oil. ..  

Lina and Mehrnaz sharing our humble facilities

Kristina and Lione. Happy as sardines in a tin!
Little Peppers

Love - Lina's son, trying on her nursing uniform.

Little Flea a.k.a. Hugo, Lionel's son

Lina and Love - Swedish summer

Lina and Love

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