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Anthony Kiedis

Actor - filmography

1.Chase, The (1994) .... Will
2.Point Break (1991) .... Tone
3.Less Than Zero (1987) (as Cole Dammett) .... Musician #3
4.Tough Guys (1986) .... Red Hot Chili Peppers
5.F.I.S.T. (1978) (as Cole Dammett) .... Kevin Kovak

Notable TV guest appearances

1."Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) playing "Guy at the parties" in episode: "Leading From the Heart" (episode # 2.11) 10/10/1991
."Who's Watching the Kids" (1978)

"Flea" Michael Balzary

Actor - filmography

  1. Liar's Poker (released Oct.291999) .... Freddy (leading role) - +soundtrack "No Words"
  2. Psycho (1998) .... Bob Summerfield
  3. "Wild Thornberrys, The" (1998) TV Series (voice) .... Donnie
  4. Big Lebowski, The (1998) .... Nihilist
  5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) .... Musician
  6. Gen 13 (1998) .... Grunge
  7. Mascara(1997) .... Freddie
  8. Just Your Luck (1996) (V) .... Johnny
  9. Chase, The (1994) .... Dale
  10. Son in Law (1993) (uncredited) .... Tattoo Artist
  11. Roadside Prophets (1992) .... Too Free Stooges
  12. Motorama (1992) .... Busboy
  13. My Own Private Idaho (1991) .... Budd
  14. Back to the Future Part III (1990) .... Needles
  15. Back to the Future Part II (1989) .... Needles
  16. Blue Iguana, The (1988) .... Floyd
  17. Let's Get Lost (1988) .... Himself
  18. Dudes (1987) .... Milo
  19. Less Than Zero (1987) .... Musician #1
  20. Stranded (1987) .... Jester The Alien
  21. Thrashin' (1986) (uncredited) .... Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bassist
  22. Tough Guys (1986) .... Red Hot Chili Peppers
  23. Wild Side, The (1983) .... Razzle
    ... aka Suburbia (1983)

TV guest appearances

  1. "Duckman" (1994) playing "Himself"(voice) in episode: "Star is Abhorred, A" (episode # 4.11) 3/15/1997
  2. "Simpsons, The" (1989) playing "Himself"(voice)

Dave Navarro

Actor - filmography

1.Floundering (1994) .... Drug Kid
Director: Kurt Mac Carley

2.Sexual Intent(1994) .... Kidnapper#3
Director: Peter MC Carthy

TV guest appearances

1. Martial Law - The Friendly Skies (episode 207)
(First aired Saturday, Nov 6 1999)
A group of psychotic fugitives takes Terrell and Grace prisoner when their
plane is hijacked, guest: Dave Navarro.

(Thanks to Neil for the Martial Law info)


Funky monks
Released : 1991
Directed and filmed by: Gavin Bowden
Approximate running time: 60 min.
Warner Reprise Video

A fly- on- the- wall style documentary on the making of Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
The group recorded their infamous album in an - allegedly haunted- villa, far from the maddening crowd, in which they lived during the whole recording period of three months. The camera follows them through their rehearsals and recordings as well as their daily lives. Discussions and soliloquies, from the deeply philosophical to abandoned sillyness, enrich the footage of the recording process.If one could only afford one of their videos this would definitely have to be the one.
(Review by Fuxia© for Troublekids)

Psychedelic Sex Funk Live From Heaven
Released :1990
Directed by Doug Freel
Approximate running time: 40 min.
EMI Music Ltd.

Live concert footage from the Mother's Milk Tour mixed with entertaining backstage scenes.
Very well edited and powerful stage imagery. Gives one an infectuous taste of the vibrant energy, the "whiplash effect" (Flea) of the Peppers live shows. Moreover these scenes illustrate without words that wonderful band chemistry, which fuels their music and live gigs.
(Review by Fuxia©)

What Hits?
Released : 1992
Approximate running time:60 min.
PMI Picture Music International
Compilation of Pepper's videos and live gigs from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mother's Milk:

1. Behind The Sun 2.Under the Bridge 3. Show me your Soul 4. Taste The Pain
5. Higher Ground 6. Knock Me Down 7. Fight Like A Brave 8.Jungle Man (live) 9. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes 10. Catholic School Girls Rule 11. Fire (live) 12. Stone Cold Bush (live)
13. Special Secret Song Inside (live) 14. Subway To Venus (live)

Not quite as well edited as "Psychedelic.." although all live footage from Mother's Milk is taken from the same rushes. Contains some brief backstage scenes as well. Gives an overview of the changes in style the Peppers have gone through, over this period of time. Including their first guitar genius Hillel Slovak and one of their famous "cocksock" stagings (in Jungle Man).
(Review by Fuxia©)

Positive Mental Octopus

Release Date: not known
1. Taste The Pain
2. Higher Ground
3. Knock Me Down
4. Fight Like A Brave
5. Fire
6. Catholic School Girls Rule
7. Jungle Man
8. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

Mixed: Studio / Live
Label: EMI Video
Catalogue No.: 01614

New!: Off the Map
Released: Dec. 4th 2001
Label: Warner Bros. / WEA

Technical and Order Info

Tracklist: DVD Special Features:

·Around The World

·Give It Away

·Usually Just A T Shirt #3

·Scar Tissue

·Suck My Kiss

·If You Have To Ask

·Subterranean Homesick Blues



·Exclusive Backstage Material

·Band Interviews

Additional Live Tracks:

·Skinny Sweaty Man

·I could've Lied

·Parallel Universe

·Sir Psycho Sexy

·Search And Destroy

·Blackeyed Blonde


·Blood Sugar Sex Magik


·What Is Soul?

·Me & My Friends


Review: Frankly, the quality both of images and sound of the regular tracks are way below par. Dissapointing.
The special additional tracks (only available on DVD!) are very good, obviously done by another team, the live versions are wonderful, and backstage material is funny.


Blackeyed Blonde

Taste The Pain

Soul To Squeeze

Show Me Your Soul


Love Roller Coaster

Melancholy Mechanics

No Words - (written and performed by Flea )

Thrashin' - 1985

Say Nothing - 1989

Coneheads - 1991

Pretty Woman - 1992

Wayne's World - 1992

Beavis And Butthead Do America - 1996

Twister - 1996

Liar's Poker - 1999

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