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One of John Frusciante's favourite artists.This site provides an interesting exploration of Jean-Michel Basquiat's short life, including the first chapter of Phoebe Hoban's bestselling biography, and some black and white images of his work.

Blackie Dammett:=
Official homepage of Hollywood actor- Fanclub Head Honcho - Anthony's father- 'Blackie' Dammett a.k.a. John Kiedis. Lists his filmography and photos (still under construction, more to come.)


Muthaland = has vanished! Should anyone know where it gone, please let me know. Contains the only authorized biography so far. Can also be found under "discography" at the official homepage. Additionally it contains a host of articles, pictures, + e.g. a detailed review of the otherside video.

= Individual band member biographies + band biography

FlyFlea = Features Flea's biography and much more (see "Flea")

Chad Smith= Alas a biography for the peppered drummer.

Otherside = Band bio and more


Behind the Sun = Back again! Featuring a host of mp3 downloads (in the archives)and very extensive list of bootlegs (fan forum), with honest descriptions regarding their quality- are traded for RHCP books. Also contains a large selection of bootlegs from other bands.

The Star of Affinity
= bootlegs and rare albums, MP3,(claims to have every RHCP album, single etc. ever made); ICQ

Rhcp Crappy Guitar Page
= also contains bootlegs

Confused to Meet You = John Frusciante solo albums order facility; bootlegs; rare

RhcpFrance = (formerly "Californication") Features bootlegs, Mp3, and rare videos, well worth checking out.

Rare tracks
= Brandnew single backside previews, OHM single backsides in full, rare releases and live bootleg audio streams. New: Audio samples and showcase of your own bands!

= Audio Wavs and Midis

Red Hot Ranch = Bootlegs, B-sides and Rarities

Marek's Red Hot Sounds Page = Mp3's of rares, live, clean edits and bootleg discography.

Red Hot MP3 = Free Peppers Mp3 downloads, MP3 utilities + help, album reviews

Otherside = RHCP MP3's and more



Yahoo Music Finder
= Contains an extensive discography with sound samples ( real audio),disc reviews, online shopping facility, and a search engine for other online music merchants. Not cheap, but a solution for obtaining information on discs which are hard to find in shops and obtaining them if they can't be found anywhere else.

Chad Smith:

Jamie's Drum Page= Contains a detailed description of Chad's drumkit with images of it's components, photos of Chad, links + drumkits of other top drummers.Very informative.

Chad Smith
At long last, a new addition devoted to the ailing ranks of sites devoted to this drumming genius. Complete with biography, detailed equipment page, interviews, pics and more.

- A Chad Smith site

Concert reviews:

Red Hot Page = Contains a plethora of concert reviews by fans worldwide + possibility to add your wn.

Troublekids reviews
= reviews, setlists +personal encounters and experiences with the peppers. Every review or story sent in will be published immediatly with author's name.


RHCP Cursors
= Red Hot Chili Peppers Band member cursors for your site! Also one of the web's largest selection of free custom cursors.


Dave, Navarro:

Dave Navarro official Site -
Brilliantly designed multimedia site bearing a lot of surprises

= NOTE: The project title Spread has been abandoned as another band already was already using it. Dave Navarro's own site on his project "Spread". Featuring samples of "Trust No One",an unusual new book on and by Navarro, containing a plethora of photos; responses to fan emails; 5 song samples from his album "Unicorns and Rainbows", articles, statements and much more.. A most intriguing site.

Addiction = Site about Dave Navarro containing Jane's Addiction tabs, photos, etc.

The Fanpage = dedicated to Dave Navarro


Wolverine's Homepage =
New site all in Dutch featuring news, individual bandmember biographies, interviews and more



Fanclub =Virtual home to the fanclub, address and instructions are on the official RHCP site.

Flea :

Flea's Modulus Bass - Homepage, detailed info and prices on this unique instrument

Flea's Garage
= The site for RHCP's bassist. Photos, interviews, musical equipment, tatoos, bio, etc.

Fleamail = Flea's diary style letters from the road. Warm, lively, funny, pensive - a must and a joy to read

Fleapage = Fansite which contains a detailed explanation of Flea's "slap - pop" technique complete with instructions and tabs + general info on the Pepper's bassist.

Fly Flea = Great new fansite containing Features Flea biography, tabs, tattoos, Soundsamples +video, articles, pics, chatroom.

Mike B The Flea - Brand new site dedicated to all things Flea, from tabs , pics & bio to skins. Check it out.


Red Hot Chili Peppers
(Unofficial Forum) = A friendly message board for discussing issues, news and info related to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Troublekids in..board = This site's very own messageboard, guestbook,trading forum -you name it! Webmistress also answers questions, fulfils special requests for pics etc. or leaves links for donwloads whenever she drops by.

Been Insane- Unofficial John Forum = Discussion on all things related to John Frusciante+ much more!- Closed down. New home:

Tribute To Beeninsane Forum = As the name implies, the home from home for Beeninsaners! Let the stor(y)ies continue!

Nature Falls board = John Forum by Zach Bigg

My smile is a rifle board = Bryan's John Frusciante Board. All of the above are Voy forums (no registration required)

Italian & World Forum = A bilingual forum with English and Italian sections

French Sites:

Me & My Friends Red Hot Chili Peppers: Lionel 's popular site sporting news, reviews, pictures and a selection of his backstage passes- Trés Sympha!
Nicolas' former "French Californication Site", now completely redesigned in collaboration with the ingenious Ardnac Akar of OnehotGlobe and Jean Buchet of An excellent hunting ground for all francophiles with very up to date news,vast rare video collection, MP3 downloads and messageboard.

Agardtonio & Fuxia Présente John Frusciante: Bilingual John Site in French and English featuring tabulature, pictures and lyrics.

New: Pierre's Red Hot Page: Specialized in tabs, lyrics, goodies and pictures, also has a good forum

Frusciante, John:

Agardtonio & Fuxia Présente John Frusciante:
Bilingual John Site in French and English featuring tabulature, pictures and lyrics.

A Fall Thru the Ground
= Discography, articles, message board

Been Insane
= Very well designed site on Frusciante. Contains solo discography,pictures, articles, lot's of other info, message board, tabs etc.

Confused to Meet You
= Closed! (Very extensive site on RHCP's most long standing guitarist. Contains articles and interviews, artworks by Frusciante, poetry, quotes, tabs for his solo works, solo albums, bootlegs, photos and much more.) If anyone knows what happened to this site, please let me know.

JFtab = This Site can not be praised enough! Besides holding the best John tabs collection wide and far, it also features rare John videos.

Sikamikanico-A tribute to RHCP and John Frusciante - A well designed site dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and especially John Frusciante. Includes pictures, latest news, info,history, discography, polls and much more!

Yell'o' in Zbras = Has been closed down since the webmaster had bought John's domain without permission. He struck a deal with the mangement that he would only give back the domain name to them so they could publish the official John Frusciante site , if they made him webmaster. (Note: This information is not a rumour but has been verified to me by several official sources)

Red Hot Frusciante Peppers
= interesting pictures - also from John's olden days, bootlegs, bio, tabs and audio.


German Sites: = WEA run site in German with news, forum etc. = Comprehensive John site in both English and German

Girlfriends, groupies & gossip:

= Due to popular demand: Here it is, all the nitty gritty details of the rock stars straight from the "horse's mouth"(?!) of the most famous accredited groupies, including an extensive list of the verified girlfriends and wifes with pics and bio. Indeed, this site takes a very serious approach and claims to publish only bona fide stories. However,the message board goes real deep down.. (To be taken with a massive pinch of salt, but perhaps good for laughs) Troublekids in.. is in no way connected to any of those contents, nor can I comment on any of it.


- In depth discussion, info, licks ,tips and audio samples related to guitar playing and artists, a personal and free for all projectby the editor of GuitarOne Magazine, a passionateand skilful guitar player himself - Have all your string technique questions answered or upload your own works.. This site is a must for any enthusiast!




Troublekids Interviews page
- This site's interview collection, have you checked it out yet?


The Listen & Watch Page
Troublekids' audio and video site featuring dozens of John Frusciante live interviews+ live show videos, updated continously!

Artist Quickfix
- A fine collection of real player audio interviews with various Peppers on a variety of topics.

Italian Sites:

Italian-English Red Hot Chili Peppers Site
A bilingual site featuring picture gallery, downloads, cinematography, lyrics, bio and more.



The Red Hot Place
= Contains the lyrics + tabulature to all of the Pepper's songs - including rare and covers.



Peppers Direct
= regular albums, logo-ed clothes, books etc. with online order facility direct from the Peppers, sales and special offers from time to time

Moscow Gig:

MTV Interview
= Interview with Anthony Kiedis prior to the gig in Moscow's Red Square, transcript and real audio sample. How did it come to this gig and how do they feel about it?

= Exclusive pictures of the live show as well as offstage moments at the pressconference. Additional photos of the gig in the "live" section of Pictures page

MTV: = Red Hot audio & video footage, interviews and news by MTV.



The Official Site News =
Your first stop for all RHCP news - a must!

Universally = The enthusiastic webmaster of this fansite, Euan specialises in news hunting, including an innovatively styled tour calendar and a comprehensive links selection.



=. Plenty of Band and Individual pictures - Including a great variety of studies on Anthony's sock...Need I say more?

Yertle TheTurtle
= Features a vast amount of pictures: Promo, live, private , you name it.

Official site = The best place for private snapshots of all the bandmembers, documenting any stage of their lives + An excellent section of constantly updated live and backstage pictures.

Polish site:

John Frusciante
- Promising new site about the guitar genius in Polish -with biography and live Mp3 downloads.

Spanish Sites:

Red Hot Central:
Bilingual Site in Castellano and English. Undoubtedly the most beautifully designed of all Pepper sites, also remarkable for its "ChiliPaedia" providing info on anything related to Peppers and their lives from A-Z.

Tributo A Red Hot Chili Peppers: Argentinean Site presenting tribute bands to the Chilis - each week a new cover MP3 for download!


- This infamous video of John's life during his heroin years, produced in collaboration with Johnny Depp, is hosted by


= (Formerly The Duck House) THE most comprehensive hunting ground for tabs to all of John's Solo works -including some rare songs. Also features lyrics, audio samples and rare John videos - A muts for any self respecting fan!

Tabs Olga directory = A search engine for guitar and bass tabulature for all genres of music, also contains RHCP tabulature. The most extensive site I have found for tabs, contains several versions of each song.

RHCP crappy guitar page
= A market gap: This site caters especially for "the worst guitarist in your family.." Tabs for hopeless beginners !

Confused to meet you
= Contains the guitar tabs for John Frusciante's solo works.

FlyFlea = Specialist Flea tabulature

RHCP Tabs = site with tabs to all the RHCP albums + rare songs


Troublekids' Tattoo Page =
Photos and explanations to most of the Peppers Tatoos + original film and booktips for enthusiasts.

Tatoomuseum = Henky Panky -the very man who created the pepper's tatoos- runs this altar to the world's most beautiful body art. A must for tatoo fans and future bearers!
Should you be dreaming of getting an roginal RHCp tat yourself- There's only one way:
Tattoo Studio Hanky Panky's Hang Out
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 141 1021 ES Amsterdam; Netherlands

Skin and Ink
= Another beautiful site dedicated to tatoo art, recommended to me by the artists of Hanky's parlour.


Tour dates = The one and only site for the latest tour dates, partially with online ticket sales. Wo else but the Official Red Hot Chili Peppers site of course.



OneHotGlobe = beautiful and original wallpapers designed by the webmaster himself. The selection is expanded continuously and he offers to design wallpapers after your ideas.


Website Awards'99 = The nominees and winners of the RHCP website awards from December 99, an excellent place to find state of the art sites and browse at will- Best platform to launch surfing.

Website Awards 2000
= The nominees of this year's official RHCP website awards- Plenty of promising new sites, the peppered cream of the web..PS: Final elections have been cancelled due to legal complications (publication of copyrighted material on many of the nominated sites).

Band Hunt Red Hot Chili Peppers Links = A selection of some of the best pepper's sites with opportunity to vote for your favourite site.


woodstock concert = photos and more, contains all of the bands which played there

woodstock audio = contains MP3 of most of the Pepper's woodstock gig for downloading



Videography and reviews = Troublekid's filmogrpahy and video reviews. = Hosts extensive collection of rare videos of RHCP ! Very well worked out site with plenty of interesting features.

JFTab = The secret tip for rare John Frusciante videos - including "Stuff"

= Specialist flea site featuring flea videos.

OneHotGlobe = RHCP fansite offering Videos as well as Midi and Wavs.

Official site sound and vision archives = The 12 most popular peppers videos in stream + exclusive live clips from concerts and amazing flash intros.

Please note: This category is continously updated. Please don't feel offended if I haven't included your site yet. If you would like to recommend a good site for this directory, please mail me and I will review and add it a.s.a.p.!.

Other Music Links:
Shane McGowan &The Pogues 

The Pogues Webring=
Propably the best page to start surfing

Paddy Rolling Stone =
The official Shane McGowan Website maintained by the "Friends Of Shane"- and supplied by the man of few teeth and many words himself.

Carol Laula

Carol Laula Homepage=
The best secret tip Scotland has to offer! Gypsy - Scot singer, songwriter, guitar player Carol Laula will mesmerize you with a truly angelic voice- and painfully true lyrics. Her musical style defies categorisation just as her poetry defies convention, slaps the face of the music industry and social injustice or caresses with some of the most beautiful love songs ever written... Taste it!

Non RHCP related links:
A topic very close to my heart:
The world will not end, nor will everything suddenly and miraculously turn bright and beautiful just because our man - made calendars show the number "2000" on their covers. We will not even be endowed with higher levels of consciousness from the switch of a date - It's entirely up to each of us, don't blame the date. The millenium is man made and so is what it will stand for and bring us - or rather what we will bring upon ourselves... Heaven and hell are states of mind, their physical manifestation lie in our hands alone and always have. So if you want a bright future, a wonderful fate, go out and fashion it - for you and the world. Enlightenment comes from learning, and there's no end to that (not even after new year's eve 00)
Please visit The Environmental Page for more info/ links on issues concerning enviromentalism, hunger, human rights and how to fight faschism. You don't need money to have an impact, all it takes is your interest and a bit of time- Every little bit counts.

E.g.: The Hunger Site = Visit "The Hunger Site" at the UN! All you do is click a button and somewhere in the world some hungry person gets a meal to eat, at no cost to you. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors, who gain advertising in the process because you see their logo.(This brilliant link was sent to me by Melody Girl.)

Join the Greenpeace cyberactivist community and start making waves. = one of many ways to protect the world we live in - this one uses "direct action" and has achieved and matured a lot over the decades.


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