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Troublekids in Funkheaven - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Musical Style

"Psychedelic Sex Funk Live from Heaven", Kiedis once called it, while Flea described it as „MayhemFunkPunkRapRock". This already denotes that the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers refuses to be confined in categories, just like its interpreters refuse the confinement of clothing to the freedom of their genitals .
Alas, the helpless journalist is finally left with marking it as „crossover"- But lastly none of these terms do justice to their mindboggling variety of elements and styles.
The love for Funk permeates and seasons all of their albums- yet it is rarely pure Funk that we hear, rather an inspirational spirit of Funk .
The attitude is Punk, rebelliousness, provocation - with a wink o'the eye, and the awareness of living right here and now. However the all - negating side of Punk is missing. „No future" has been redefined into being immersed in this very „one hot minute".
The almost infantile punky statement „I like dirt" for instance, is merged with eco - Indian views („ ..the earth is made of dirt and wood..")and expressed in a funky lust for life mode.
Surprisingly, Beatles weave in and out of some Pepper songs e.g. Guitar on Soul to Squeeze, Mirror for the Sun,the interlude in Saviour, however conveying a more raw and melancholic mood. At times The Cure peek out, Zeppelin, Iggy and Hendrix brought christening gifts to the birth of several songs, but none of them are clones or can even be attributed to a definite parentage as it were. Chili Peppers can ultimately only be compared to Chili Peppers, they're a law unto themselves, governed by none.
In theory it sounds almost impossible to mix all these elements without ending up with a confusing and chaotic hotch potch, in practice the result is invigorating and skillful.
The Peppers enter all these genres and stir them up, refusing to leave them in a straight line. Instead they mess up all genetic boundaries and stick out their tongues happily at any musical Puritanism while remaining serious musicians.
This goes perfectly well with their self professed world view that everything must change continuously, lest it should become stagnant and therefore dead matter. They will not let the different musical genres- or even their own music, rest on their laurels, become rigid- they will not let them die or draw their well earned pension. Musical veterans are whipped and forced to dance!
RHCP could be likened to a chemical lab, each member being a vessel, a test tube, and the ingredients at the same time. Sex is the fire bubbling beneath, musical environment and life the seasoning . All is mixed disregarding the schoolbook, permanently bubbling, reacting , interacting. The result can be a healing balm or an explosion in the face of a bigot society- all is possible...

© Sibél 1999
(Written exclusively for "Troublekids in Funk Heaven". All rights reserved.

No reproduction or publication without prior permission of the copyrigthholder)

"Troublekids in Funk Heaven"
traight from the heartland of sexual hypocrisy, in the land which recently condemned it's president for having a penis, these guys are singing - oozing sex, with the natural ease of birds n' bees.

Propably number one on the scale of most undesirable son in laws, their live shows resemble punky Chippendales - minus the perfumed anuses - plus brilliant brains on top of brawns.

In a day and age where any serious music lover can't get no satisfaction when turning on the radio, and where MTV is dominated by groups of model - puppets miming to studio singer's voices doing remixes of old chart successes, this band is truly food for the soul.

They dare to be original, are changing their style from album to album instead of watering down and recycling previous hits, yet always remain true to themselves through the decades.

And that is not only most unusual but almost impossible in this business!

© Sibél 1999
( Written exclusively for "Troublekids in Funk Heaven". All rights reserved.)

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