The Lebedava Photo Gallery - Red Hot Chili Peppers in Moscow's Red Square
14th August 1999

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              All photos below are by Nadejda Lebedeva ©1999
Please respect the artists copyright.Photos may not reproduced in full or partially, with the exception of private home use.

Anthony Kiedis at the press conference Moscow
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Anthony and Flea - Moscow press conference
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Flea - Moscow press conference
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Flea (calling for Moose?..)
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Flea and John - mischievous ..
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©99

John Frusciante moods..
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Anthony and Chad in high spirits
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1

Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

The Press Conference
Courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

RHCP live on Red Square
courtesy Nadejda Lebedeva©1999

Even more Moscow photos and setlist in the "live" section.

"Spasibo"- Very special thanks Nadejda!!

The artist: Nadejda Lebedeva, Photographer, Moscow
If you like her work, you can mail her here - And please mail the fanclub of RHCP to ask if she could be booked for more photo sessions with the Peppers!

                             More photos in: the Main Photo Gallery the Robb Cohen Gallery and
The John Frusciante Tour Diary


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