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Such an amazing amount of creativity can be found among RHCP fans,
that it's high time they had a showcase of their own!
This space is dedicated to "give a voice" to all this hot new talent out there -
time to come out of your garages, bedrooms and into the light- This page is for you!

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Click on the logo to download the full length track "EmoBleu" from
their brand new second album! For further info, bookings or CD mail: Fuxia
or Vinz

Chouch 1999
Chouch: Voc.+Lyrics
Vinz: Guitar
Max: Guitar
Francis: Drums

Audio sample
from their first, self - titled album: "Offensive Sentinels"

For more pics and sounds visit their totally revamped website

DYSFUNCTIONAL BY CHOICE were founded in Paris 1996. Initially influenced by bands like Deftones, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Tool, or Refused, they soon left these behind to create their very own sound which defies being tied down to cultural or musical genres. As their singer, Chouch, puts it: “We are passionate about music, not fashion trends or categories. We focus on putting all our heart and energy into the sound, and into striking a chord with the audience, no matter who they are and where they come from. When it comes to our music, frontiers or limitations loose all meaning.” Instead, this classically lined up band is characterised best by driving rhythmic beats, the whiplash effect of their guitars and wild, extrovert live shows.
During the following 3 years DBC played more than 25 gigs in and around Paris - a city normally renowned for being difficult breaking ground for hardcore music. Moreover they have become a regular feature on the set-lists of various independent radio stations and concert halls all over France. In 1999 DBC proved their worth by winning a contest competing against a host of renowned Funk and Reggae bands, and was unanimously voted No1 by a panel of music editors from all of the major French radio stations. This secured them the release of their first CD (Self titled), featuring 4 tracks illustrating the spellbinding intensity of their unique sound. The release of this CD, which is sold in all FNAC outlets and other large record stores, gained them support act status for MCM /MTV chart successes such as: Aston Villa; Watcha and Oversoul. This year DBC will embark on a European Tour of their own.

News: Dysfunctional have just completed recording and mixing their third album Gamma!! It's absolutely brilliant- very passionate and more melodious with a rich guitar based sound. "US Rock" Magazine and "100% Rock Francais" Magazine both ran features about Dysby in their August 2002 issues.
News 2: At long last, Dysfunctional have totally revamped their website into a state- of- the- art Flash site, with new pics, the entire new album for free download (click on "Son") and more..
For tour dates and venues please visit their website, and do not hesitate to contact me or Chouch and Vinzo for English translation.

Death Metal
(Stings those parts that Finlandia vodka can't reach..)
For MP3 from their two albums, click on the logo

Dan Andersson - voice
Ilkka Paasonen - guitar
Antti Oinonen - guitar
Henrik Laine - bass guitar Teemu

Please visit their website for more pics, discography and tour dates!

Tour: US Tour for late 2000!
Mail the band or keep checking back for tour dates.


The story began in May 1999. Songwriting started quite easily, the idea of their own sound being very clear: Pure grinding death the way they all love it - brutal, heavy, fast & technical, mostly influenced by American acts such as Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus etc., but still with an own, original touch.
The band was named after Dario Argento's 70's cult horror movie Deep Red and after only a couple of months from the band's founding they entered the studio to record their debut demo Yours in Murder.This first demo was recorded as a 3-piece with Ile playing the bass lines and Antti doing all the vocals. Since then, new material has been coming in constantly, so another demo, called All Will See Rebirth was recorded Nov 27-28th 1999. This time they had a full line-up, since the ex-vocalist of a project of Teemu and Ile, Dan Andersson had joined the band along with ex-Soulgrind/Tenebrae bassist Henrik Laine. Since then, the band has been gathering fame, playing live and writing new songs. Deep Red has attracted the interest of some record labels, so they propably will record their debut album in the summer of 2000. Look forward to see a full-lenght CD, a cover song to a tribute album for Impetigo , and last but not least a couple of tracks for a split 7"EP with one of the biggies in the scene called Dying Fetus in the near future!

Rainy Day's band: Crossover Rock
For MP3 sound samples click on the logo

Anna Vincent : Guitar, Vocals
Oscar Tanneberg: Guitar, Voc.
James Vincent:Bass, Voc.
Leila O'Sullivan
: Drums, Voc.

"South London's hottest new band".

In the beginning..

London in the late Twentieth Century. Having completed the first journey of life things were looking boring, things were looking quiet and subtle, still and drawn-out. It was starting to look like something needed to be done. Well doesn't it always?

So things were done, albeit gradually, good things, loud things, with guitars and a battery of percussion. Roads were taken and some fell on the way. Some chose wisely, some chose rashly, most had some fun. We talked and listened and listened some more, but we knew the only thing to do was, well, do.

So now here we are, and the eruption is just around the bend, we're rushing towards it at frightening speed, but no-one knows quite when we'll collide. The only certainty is that we will. Oh yes, we will. Picture yourself on the verge, sunshine going down in the East, pink lined clouds with those blue-ish, intentful undertones. Do you find yourself full of expectation? Well you should.

For a large selection of Mp3 downloads, tourdates,pictures and more, please visit their homepage:

Some sound samples:



Come Together

Bassyg's band: Groovy, Jazzy, Bluesy Funk
For MP3 sound samples click on the logo

Alan Ambler :Guitar
Seth Ambler :Bass
J.R. Billingsley :Percussion

Anomalous Trout
The band Anomalous Trout has been together in some form for a little over 8 years. Alan Ambler provides rhythm and lead guitar, as well as vocals. Seth Ambler lends the funky bass licks to the group as well as some backing and lead vocals. JR Billingsley pounds the skins with funky fury and can sometimes be heard chanting the group's melodies while playing. Through their original material, Anomalous Trout blend various styles of music to form a style deemed "Groovy, Jazzy, Bluesy, Funk."
For further Info, bookings or CD please mail: Bassyg and visit their website!
Or chat with Bassyg directly in the official rhcp chat.
6/08/00 - Anomalous Trout will be playing the Purple Porpoise in Gainesville. Show starts at 10:00 pm.

Coolgerms - Rory McVicar
Pure Bass
For audio sample "War", click on the logo

Rory McVivar - Bass
Please visit his website for audio samples

For further info, e-mail Rory .


Coolgerms- Rory McVicar

"Hi,this is Rory McVicar and I'm a bass player based in Norwich, England
greatly inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have been playing bass since september 1999, and it has been incredibly important to me since.
I was taught the basics by my brother and from there on I focused on making myself a better player in every way. I take my direct influences form the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Violent Femmes, David Bowie and Radiohead. My main inspiration however,is John Frusciante. Although heis a guitar palyer while I play bass, I take my lead to the whole process of making music from him. His music really speaks to me.

Other bands and artists that constantly blow me away include Radiohead, Blur (in particular Graham Goxon) and the Clash - I love the original punk scene - I only wish I could've been a 17 year old in 1976 and
could have been involved in that, rather than stuck in the awful MTV
The songs I create on my bass are often unfinished ideas, which gives a kind of ramshackle charm to them. I suppose this is a way in which my love of John Frusciante's solo music has manifested itself in my playing.
You can get an impression of this in my mp3 section.
I am a strong believer in music being an expression of an emotion, and so a whole bundle of self indulgent technically awesome music from a show off never has done it for me.
I like any thing as long as it's got soul. "

If anyone wishes to contact me for whatever
reason, I would love to hear from you! My email address is:

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