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Current Bass :
Modulus Flea Bass

Click for more information about the Modulus Flea

Past Basses:
Ernie Ball Musicman
Sting Ray-4 and 5 strings
Fender Bass

Gallien-Krueger Heads
Mesa/Boogie cabinets Electro

Effects :
Harmonix Bass Balls
MXR Micro Amp
Boss Bass Overdrive
Boss Auto Wah
Boss Dynamic Filter
Dunlop Crybaby wah-wah

Booktip: "Red Hot Chili Peppers : A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Flea's Bass Style and Technique"- by Dale Turner

John Frusciante:

Current guitars:

Fender Stratocaster built ca. 1956 with maple neck and
Seymour Duncan pickups, 10 strings

( The Fender was used for most of the songs on the "Californication" album)

Falcon built 1955, size 12 strings (colour: white)
( The Falcon was used for example on : "Californication" and "Otherside")

Fender Mustang, 11 strings
( For practising)

Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jaguar (colour: red- View here )

Fender Jag - Stang (co - designed by Kurt Cobain)

Fender Telecaster

For Solo Tour:

Martini ( All Mahogany- View here)

Fuzz Tone
Distortion Pedal

(For Solos)
-Generally John uses very little special effects for RHCP tracks.

Inspired by:
Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton (Cream), Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck

Tip: = The best hunting ground for tabs to all of John's Solo works -including some rare songs. Also features rare John movies, lyrics and audio samples.

Chad Smith:

Current drumkit:
Pearl Masters Custom MRX Kit

A) 5"x14" Chads Signature Snare Drum (black nickel-plated steel), or:
Brady 5 1/2"x14" jarrah wood model

(B) 10"x12" Tom Tom
(C) 14"x14" Floor Tom
(D) 16"x16" Floor Tom
(E) 16"x24" Bass Drum Cymbals Sabian
(1) 14" Flat Hats top, AA top for bottom
(2) 18.5" Chad Smith Explosion Crash
(3) 10" AA Splash
(4) 20" AA Rock Ride
(5) 20.5" Chad Smith Explosion Crash
(6) 19" AA Chinese Hardware Pearl Hardware TH98S Tom Arm (short) with stand, B855W Boom Cymbal Stand, 4x C855W Cymbal Stands, D900N Drum Throne, S885W Snare stand, 2x APS-37 DW Hardware Delta 5000 Bass pedal, Delta 5000 Hi-Hat Stand Heads Remo Coated CS on snare with Ambassador on snare-side, Clear Emperors on tops of toms with clear Ambassadors underneath, Clear Powerstroke 3 on bass drum batter with a black head with a Pearl logo on the front
Sticks Vater 5B Chads Funk Blaster Model Percussion Pearl Afro Percussion 8" Cowbell LP Percussion Jam Block LP1207 Low Pitch-Red

(Source:Thanks to Jamie's Drumpage for info on drums and John's Telecaster -For past drumkits and detailed images please visit this amazingly comprehensive site!)

Dave Navarro:

guitar for OHM album:
Parker Fly

Tip: Dave Navarro special feature with Audio and Video samples from his new album + links

Hillel Slovak:

Fender Stratocaster

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