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Melbourne Colonial Stadium, December 1st 2002
Review by 'Chili Willy'

Amazing experience, this was just the best live performance in history, flea cracked jokes.. and his undies too, I havent seen Anthony take his shirt off in ages which was great, John ran onto the very side of the stage during solos and Chad controlled the crowd.

but lets get to the point....

We rocked up at about ten passed six & checked out the chicks .
It was good atmosphere as we walked in, people had like rhcp stars shaved in their hair and all these pissed dudes.
Chad walked out on the oval and we thought he was this drunk yobo, and then we were like OH FUCK ITS CHAD! AND THEN I WALKED UPTO HIM! HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING CROCODILE UP CLOSE! but i couldn't believe it.
We waited a long time before Quirk came on, which the did 15 minutes early. Their music was good, good bass slapping and nice beats . but am I touring with the red hot chili peppers? No.
When those guys got off, since they GOT ON EARLY Papa Roach had to wait about 10-15 minutes before they could come on. They were awsome. "Last Resort", "She Loves Me Not" and "Time And Time Again" were peformed, altogether like i'd say 6, 7, or 8 songs. The lead singer threw all this water into the bowl it rocked.
So, at 9 when they were suppose to come on everyonoe started down mexican waves and they were like running all over the oval. And they came on at 9:20 and everyone went crazy.
Traditionally opening with "By The Way", with the chili bowl gone crazy as well as flea and anthony and john it was great. Then came "Scar Tissue" and the most awsome bass intro to "Around The World", Flea was slapping the bastard. and then when the song started me and Josh were fucking grabbing the fence and spinning our heads like motherfucking crazy.
John then played a cover, or maybe one of his solo songs, but he was singing really high and everyone held up lighters it ruled.
Other songs followed like "Universally Speaking", "Suck My Kiss", "Otherside" and "The Zephyr Song". People were running around on the oval it was so funny, i was tempted to aswell, but i didnt wanna risk the bastard security
"Right On Time" was played awesomely, for some reason i couldn't hear Flea's bass that well, but Johns vocals were outstanding. The intro for "Can't Stop" was awsome, flea was squatting with the bass inbetween his legs and John was funking around with the guitar, John ripped apart the solo.
Some earlier or later, "Don't Forget Me" was crazy, Anthony went ballistic and that's wat I'm sure we all love to see, he fell over a couple of times and popped a rib! poor guy, but this other dude came out and helped him out.
An amazing soong was "Venice Queen", as John beautifully participated with Anthony. Then on the second part of the song in about 2 seconds John pulled out this mini acustic, it was woirjhfo;wjf.
Through the show Flea went upto the mic and chucked a few spastics it was so awsome and funny and then before "Give It Away" he says "This song is dedicated to Muriel Cheesewright" and they ripped into the motherfucker like they never have before. Flea jumped onto the bass during.
After the closing song Anthony said "Thank you all for coming to the show tonight" and ran off like he needed to take an absolute log of a shit (I quote that off Josh). People started to leave but we cheered em back on.
Chad ran on and people screamed and cheered him, and he belted his drums with this awsome and lengthy drum solo.
then John appeared with his shirt off sitting on a chair on the very side of the stage an started playing "Under The Bridge!!!!!!!!!" Everyone finally stood up and took out their lighters once again, and of fucking course we all sung along.
Then, the almighty "Search And Destroy", me and josh went fucken wild yet again and remained standing, then this nerd behind me told me to sit down. What did he come with his fucken family or sumthing??
You know how they play this 10 minute jam after search? well this time it went for about 20 minutes!!! anthony sung this awsome improvising spanish stuff, it sounded cool, fast and fucking awsome. so then Anthony said "goodnight Melbourne" and left the stage. Thus, Flea John and Chad kept fucking about and soonly chad left the stage and Flea and John were like pulling apart their guitars and pedals making all these weird noises. amnd then a couple of minutes later it finished.

Melbourne Setlist: (in no order)

-by the way
-scar tissue
-around the world
-john cover (i think it's called "maybe")
-suck my kiss
-universally speaking
-the zephyr song
-lonog intro/californication
-right on time
-havanna affair
-can't stop
-don't forget me
-parallel universe
-i could have lied
-venice queen
-give it away
-drum solo
-under the bridge
-search and destroy/jam/20 minute jam

(Thanks a lot to Elias 'Chily Willy' for sending this review! )

Atlanta 'Secret' Show July 10th 2002
Review by Brian Huff

It was a free radiostation sponsored show with 2000 attending -After trying to win some all week, I still had no tickets and hour before the show, and I went alone because none of my friends thought I could get us in, but after paying $120 to a scalper I was 15 feet from John, and it was incredible. I've never heard them play so well. They opened with 'By The Way', then played 'Universally Speaking', 'This Is The Place', 'Throw Away Your Television', And 'Venice Queen' ( I know I'm forgetting a few) from the new album, plus a lot from 'Californication', 'Me And My Friends', 'Under The Bridge', the intros to 'I Could Have Lied' and (I think) 'Havana Affai'r by the Ramones, with 'Search and Destroy', and a funk song that I didn't know for the encore. Anthony sang perfectly for the whole show. I don't know what he did to tighten up his voice but it worked! The most amazing change, though, was John's vocals and energy. He was so prominent. It was definitely a feeling of he and Anthony together at the front, as well as of the whole band united. I've never heard them sound better, and you could tell that they were already stretching out on the new songs and really enjoying them.
Afterwards I hung around like a shameless groupie because I was too excited to go home, and finally Flea and John came out and spent quite a bit of time with me and about 20 others before getting in their limo. John seemed especially happy. I talked with him very briefly about an old Hendrix bootleg that he was looking for, and he and Flea signed my copy of By The Way. There was alot that I wanted to ask them and talk about, but the circumstances made it completely inappropriate, so I went home and woke my roommates and girlfriend up and played guitar until 5am, and a week later I'm still buzzing from the new album and the whole experience.
Brian Huff

Paris 'Olympia' 4th June 2002

Review by Fuxia

One night in Heaven! - RHCP for free at Olympia, Paris 4.4.02 A very special treat awaited Red Hot fans in Paris last Tuesday: Following a frantic flurry of a total of 20 (!) different competitons and guestlists, some 1000 fans had been given a chance to taste a generous slice of the Peppers' forthcoming album: "By The Way", due beginning of July this year.

Head Honcho Blackie, Warnermusic's Romain and Nicolas of Rhcpfrance.net were among those working literally round the clock to equip fans with free tickets and send them off to a celestial night at the legendary Olympia, former musical home to icons such as Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles - what could be a more fitful realm -and omen! for our rising stars?!

Launching straight into their new single "By The Way"- accompanied by a thousandfold chorus below, the Red Hots treated the bobbing crowd to 3 more unrealeased songs: "Universally Speaking", “I Could Die For You” and “Don't Forget Me”.
Old BSSM loves like "Give It Away" and Californication hits got their say as well, topped off by classic covers such as The Stooges' "Search And Destroy" (from the Pepper's "Rare" E.P.) , the Sweet's 70's anthem "Fox on The Run", and "Havana Affair" recently recorded for the Ramones tribute album.

The band was in strong form, obviously proud and confident to finally let the new songs off the leash and into the wild, and, as John broke out (his whole face beaming): "There's much much more to come where that came from!" - No doubt about that!
Text/Report by: Sibél

The official setlist (omitting SFX improvisations and a short, haunting solo rendition by John):
By The Way (new!) / Scar Tissue / Give It Away / Universally Speaking (new!)/ Other Side / I Could Die For You (new!) / Havana Affair (Ramones Tribute) / Could Have Lied / Fox On The Run (Sweet cover) / Don't Forget Me (new!) / Right On Time / Californication / Search & Destroy (Stooges Cover).

Watch the Olympia gig on MTVFrance : 7/7/ 2002 - "A Night with the Red Hot Chili Peppers"

Photos of RHCP@Olympia:

- Official MTVFrance Photos

- Over 100 Fan Photos (By Nicolas)

- Flea's Streaming "Message to the fans in French" (Don't worry, it's pure Flealingo and international language really- Scan the article for "Cliquez ici" )

Silverlake Benefit L.A.15.12.2001
Wednesday December 19 5:27 AM ET
Chili Peppers add spice to lackluster charity gig
Silver Lining (Paramour Estate; 1,400 capacity; $1,000 top)

By Troy J. Augusto

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - There's a good reason outdoor concerts aren't usually scheduled for December, even in Los Angeles: It's just too dang cold. Yet despite chilly temperatures, more than 1,000 people paid $250-$1,000 each to see such stars as Beck and Red Hot Chili Peppers perform in the huge backyard of a hilltop mansion in Silverlake.

At the second night of this second annual benefit event for the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, attendees enjoyed panoramic views of the L.A. basin, ``complimentary'' food and drinks (the quality of which was determined by how much you paid to get in) and the chance to see some well known local musicians perform under unusual circumstances.

Beck, who said he lives within walking distance of the Paramour, was a late addition to the bill, and he apologized for the lack of preparation he and his bandmates displayed, but surely the three could have rehearsed some of these songs a bit beforehand.

Whether tackling a couple of Hank Williams tearjerkers or his own ``Pay No Mind,'' Beck (who was introduced by Robert Downey Jr. (news - web sites)) and his accompanying guitarist and bass player looked and sounded as if they hadn't played these numbers before, or at least not in a very long time.

Aimee Mann played a half-dozen of her confessional songs, including newer entries ``Deathly'' and ``Calling It Quits'' and familiar tracks like the Oscar-nominated ``Save Me'' and ``Choice in the Matter.'' Afterwards she said, ``It's not easy to rock in a long coat and scarf.'' It also wasn't easy to stay warm listening to such mopey music.

Mexican rockers Jaguares heated things up with their distinct blend of pop-hard rock (think Whitesnake) and singer Saul Hernandez's politically charged lyrics, though it was unusual to see this wildly popular rock en Espanol group perform in front of so many marginally interested listeners. Afterward, a member of MTV's ``Jackass'' crew came out and stapled one part of his anatomy to another, earning him plenty of Bronx cheers.

The Chili Peppers, whose members all live within a few miles of Silverlake, were the evening's big draw, and the band delivered an engaging, if restrained, set that was split between new songs (presumably earmarked for the band's next studio album) and old faves, including ``Give It Away'' and ``Right on Time.'' A Ramones cover and recent hit ``Californication'' highlighted their 10-song effort.

Reuters/Variety REUTERS

V2001UK - By Christpher Cox
It was typical English weather for this event but it certainly didn't have
any adverse effect on the atmosphere of this festival. I'd already seen a
few good sets earlier in the day, Placebo and the Foo fighters being the
best of these, and I was desperate to see the Peppers by the time they came
on (as was just about everyone else).
They kept the crowd waiting a little while before they took the stage which
was cool because it got people wound up and everybody dying for them to take
the stage.Finally John came running out, it was amazing, he was grinning from ear to
ear and waving. He was wearing a wooly hat and the same top he wore at the
MTV20 show. He started playing his guitar on stage alone at first, you could
tell he was absolutly loving every second of it. I've never seen him do
anything like it before really, he was flying around the stage and dancing
like crazy! He lifted his guitar above his head and started playing loads of
runs and cool grunts/chops (he wasn't really playing anything in particular
at this point). He was rocking so much his hat just flew straight off his
head almost straight away!

After about fifteen seconds of this the rest off the band came running out,
they went straight into a song that I didn't recognise, I think it must have
been a new song (I have since discovered that it was an old Public Enemy
song). It sounded really cool and i was expecting them to play a full song
but they cut it off about a minute into it and went straight into Give it
Away. GIA was as rocking as ever, you can't expect anything less really can

Next they played scar tissue, John's solo's throughout the song were just so
good, he did one (I think it was his second to last one) which I thought was
perfect and then, for the last one he really pulled out all the stops.

After Scar Tissue they went into Higher Ground, this was a real surprise - I
didn't expect to here anything from Mothers Milk. It was fantastic for me
because I've never seen them play this live before so I really enjoyed it,
especially John and Fleas backing vocals!

Next was a new song that I was enjoying listening to for the first time when
the unthinkable happened John's amp's all cut out! I couldn't believe it, I
think they must have fused or something - it took him by surprise as well,
it was a little bit like the Around the World performance at Woodstock where
his guitar cuts out. Anyway he just started laughing while all the roadies
were running around trying to solve the problem! Then Flea stared playing a
bass line which Chad joined in on and then Anthony started doing some crazy
rapping. While the others were doing this John turned his guitar round so it
was hanging down his back, and then he just started dancing like crazy
again! The crowd were going mad and John was just bouncing around like he
going to take off the stage or something!!! This lasted in total for about a
minute whilst they fixed John's amp's, when he realised they were working
again he joined in on the jam for a while! Then, the communication was
incredible, a nod from Flea and they were straight back into they song they
were playing before the amps fused!! It was unbelievable.

Next was otherside, out came John's White Falcon and the crowd got pretty
excited (which is expected really because it was such a big single).

If you have to ask was as funky as usual and i was dying to hear Flea and
John's jam at the end! When they were playing the jam Anthony climbed on top
of Flea's cabs and watched.

They played a cover song next and i don't now what it was, it sounded as if
it was some kind of punk/new wave song but i don't know which, it was good

At this point my memory of what order the songs came in is a bit dodgey but
I do know what songs they played, just don't quote me on the order!!

Next, I think, was another new one which Anthony said was a love song. I
wasn't very keen on this to be honest, it didn't really seem to go anywhere
and it sounded a bit to much like plain rock song.

John then played Untitled#3, the one that goes a "A dove is glove that I
wear on my arm......" It was so good to hear John playing this it was so
special to see him playing it in front of me, awesome.

John's solo song cut straight into Parallel Universe. This was nice to hear
and was obviously another crowd favorite. John's solo at the end of this was
so good as well, just one note with vibrato for about a 30

A really, really cool version of I could have lied came next. They started
to play this and stopped after about 15 seconds, i'm not sure why but they
started again straight away.

Californication was next to everyone's delight, again this was another big
single. I wasn't as delighted as everyone else, I think i've seen so many
live versions that it didn't give me any surprises.

Next was another new song. I think this must be one of the songs that had
working titles of Modest zep and Techno Zep. It was so cool, mainly based
around a big, fat riff with a very cool vibe. The solo in the song was
brilliant as well, I know John doesn't like solo's too much but he obviously
enjoyed this one!! The crowd went crazee when he was playing!

Everyone, except John, left the stage at this point. John then started
playing a punk song, i dont know if it was one of his or a cover but it was
cool. I could kinda tell that a lot of people in the crowd were a bit
puzzled when he played this, for the people who don't know anything about
him I suppose it was quite strange and unexpected to hear this in the middle
of the set, I loved it though, it was wicked!!

The solo song stoppped and John went into under the bridge, the whole song
was played without a pick and it was just so good to hear it on a rainy
night in England!

By this time Flea, Anthony and John all had their shirts off and were
obviously having a good time. Flea told everyone how he'd been to London
with Clara earlier that day to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham
Palace. He also said people in England always chant, at football matches,
concerts etc. He said that he loved it but could never understand what
people were saying. He then got everyone to sing mary had a little lamb!

They played Right on Time next with the London Calling intro which went down
very well.

The final song of the set was Me and My Friends. The whole band went nuts
here with feedback leaping around galore!

After a load of clapping, chanting and cheering the band finally came back
on stage and stared playing Soul to Squeeze. This was such a good version
that sounded so crisp!! John went mad again and started his crazy dancing,
I've really never seen him do anything like it before!! Every time Chad hit
the snare John looked as though he was going to have a fit!!

Power of equality came next and it was really good to hear it! I dont think
I've heard it live before. Fleas bass playing was amazing in this song, it
was just so cool, funky and fat!

They went off stage again, and returned for another encore John had probably
got a bit cold because he came out this time wearing a hooded top. This time
they obviously didn't know what to play and all stood in the middle of the
stage talking for a while. They finally launced into a rocking version of
Search and Destroy this was fantastic and everyone in the place went nuts,
including the band!! When the song had finished Anthony left the stage and
Chad, Flea and John jammed for a while, then Chad left and for a further
5mins or so John and flea jammed!!

It was such a perfect end to the night! Finally john came to mic and spoke
for the first time, he waved and said "We love you, good night"

I've got to say that although i've seen them play a lot of these songs
before, on video and stuff, John just seemed a bit different. He was just
going crazy, he was obviously having the time of his life, it was so special
to see him like that!!

The story of an ordinary man, who unexpectedly found himself spending the entire flight to Moscow sourrounded by the Peppers - and has subsequently been converted into an "Old Fan" for good- In his own words:

I met a wonderful woman in the RHCP chat room over the weekend. Her name is Fuxia and it was nice talking with her. I have met other nice people in that room; especially Mina and Nitro. Anyway, I promised Fuxia that I would write a little narrative about my chance meeting with the RHCP.
I am a 53 year-old guy, semi-retired from a career in international relations and commerce. I still occasionally accept a short-term assignment to one country or another, and last summer, I agreed to do some work in Russia for a group of investors from the U.S. I am a tall guy, a shade over 6'3", and am always willing to spend the extra cash to fly first class, especially on a long trans-oceanic flight like the one from New York to Moscow. And, I like to board early and get settled before the plane fills up.
So, on September 9 1999, I boarded Delta flight 30 at JFK in New York at about 6:00 PM and was, in fact, ordering a drink when I noticed that a group of young men began to board the plane. They were not the normal middle age or older business people that usually accompany me in my first class cabin. These fellows were dressed very casually, had many very noticeable tattoos, and strange hair color. I was certain that they would pass straight through to coach class. But they didnít; they began to fill the seats all around me. I assumed that I was in for a rather raucous and riotous flight and I was not looking forward to it.. Shortly before take off, I asked one of them, the one across the isle from me, if they were part of a band or something. "Yes", he said, "weíre called the Red Hot Chili Peppers." I have two grown kids who like the RHCP, so I had heard of them.
This is what I have to say about them: The flight to Moscow is about 9 hours long and is an overnight flight. During the entire 9 hours, the guys in the band were very polite, quiet, well-behaved, friendly, and willing to talk and answer questions.
Chad, a big man with a friendly face with some freckles and a funny hat, explained that they were going to do a free MTV concert in Red Square on the coming Saturday. He suggested that I should try to attend. Flea, who sat behind me, was dressed completely in red: a red-hooded sweatshirt, red sweat pants, and even red sneakers. He was reading Hamlet, I think, or some other Shakespeare play. He and I spoke a bit about jazz and the trumpet. Because, you see, I play the trumpet and love Jazz. Turns out that Flea does also.
When I asked Anthony who he was, he said that he was just a member of the road crew and I believed him!
I donít believe that I spoke with John at all. So we chatted on and off for the first few hours of the flight, then we all fell asleep. When we arrived in Moscow, I stood in line with them to get through customs and I helped Flea change $300.00 in rubles. I did go to the show, which was very crowded so I didnít stay.
I am now a great RHCP fan and my kids still canít figure out why I didnít ask for an autograph or picture. It didnít occur to me, thatís all.
The moral here is not to form first impressions...listen to your kids....and keep an open mind.

Special thanks to "Old Fan" for kindly sharing his story with us!
If you would like to contact "Old Fan" and chat/ discuss, please mail him at: old_fan@hotmail.com - He would love to hear from You!

Paris, France, 3.2.01 La Scéne - John Solo

by Mehrnaz#1439

Cologne, Feb 5 2001

I am still not fully aware of what I could be part of the past Saturday night. It was like a dream that I never even thought would come true.
That morning I took the train from Germany to Paris to see John Frusciante playing at La Scene. Me and my friends arrived at the club at about 7.30pm and the gig was supposed to start at 8. It was raining and we were all standing and waiting to get in. There were not many people there and we thought it's great because this way, the concert would be much more personal and intimate. There didn't seem to be a backdoor at that place, so John would have to use the main entrance , passing all of us. And finally - at about 8pm- a black van with darkened windows arrived and stopped right in front of us. We went to the other side to see if it is really him and we just saw him getting out of the car really fast, almost running towards the entrance -his eyes fixed on the ground. Everything seemed to be really silent at that moment - it was weird. His bodyguards followed him in with the equipment and finally after some minutes, we were let in, too. It was a pretty small but very nice club with dim light and a very warm atmosphere and some really nice music playing. Everyone was already standing close to the stage talking and laughing and waiting for John but it still took a little while 'til he came.
Finally, the lights onstage were dimmed and he came. Everyone started screaming and clapping their hands. His manager handed him his acoustic guitar and he sat down on a stool. He seemed a bit nervous and hectic at first as if he wanted to get it done really fast. But throughout his performance he got more and more relaxed and you could see that he is really enjoying the fans and himself playing music for us. When he started playing his first song, I was just so overwhelmed that I almost started crying and so were some others. From that moment on, everyone was hypnotized by John and his performance. I was sitting on the stage and I was so close to him that I could have touched him. And I just couldn't believe that I was so close to the person that has had such a great influence on my personality and my attitude towards music since so many years. It was the most wonderful and moving moment of my life. He went on playing some of his old songs and a lot of cover songs like: 'Modern Love' by David Bowie, a Joy Division song and also 2 songs from his new album including 'Going Inside'(which is my favourite song). He was really giving everything he had and one time he stopped in the middle of a song and his manager handed him some pill. He told us that he had just thrown up in his mouth and that he is sick. And he was like:'Hey, actually I am playing pretty good for a sick guy'. But we didn't care that he had to interrupt some songs. His performance and just his whole being are so natural. We felt like we are some really close friends- almost like a huge family - meeting up with another great friend who was playing songs for us. It was a really personal concert. And his guitar playing and his voice were just awesome. I must say, I actually like him a lot more live than on his records. Because at that concert, there were no effects- it was just him, his voice and his acoustic guitar and nothing else and it was great. I really don't remember the exact order of the songs he played or the exact titles. By times, I just kept looking at his hands and how he played the guitar and I forgot everything around me. I think I was in the 4th dimension he mentioned in Funky Monks . It was just pure energy and vibrations and emotions. It was beautiful.
He was done like after an hour already and when he went offstage, we kept on shouting for him to come back and clapping our hands. And of course he came back. I think he did 4 or 5 encores , it was really cool. So , the whole gig lasted for like one and a half hours or even almost 2. In the encores, he said something personal before each of his songs. He played this R.E.M song and he told us that he used to listen to that song over and over again in his girl friend's car at the time when he had reached the lowest point of his life and when he felt really bad- that was a very emotional moment. He also played 'Lucky' by Radiohead and I really liked his version of that song. Another song , he dedicated to one if his friends who had died (guess he meant River Phoenix), a song for his best friend Tori (I think that was her name). And also a song he had written before he rejoined the Peppers that has not been published and he said that that song had been written by fame for him cuz it describes what fame did to him and his life. In the end, he was asking us what songs to play and this one girl shouted: 'Smiles from the streets!' and he was like 'I don't remember how it starts' and he wanted the girl to come onstage and show him. That was such a funny moment and we all started laughing. He actually tried to play that song like 3 times and messed it up. But we didn't care and it was a funny show !! But finally, he managed to play it and when he started playing 'Your pussy….', everyone started screaming - it was just hilarious !! He was so overwhelmed himself and was playing really hard that he broke a string one time. It was just a very natural show. I have never been to a gig like this. It was the best concert I have ever attended !
After he left the stage, most people waited , hoping he would come and give us autographs and we would get a chance to talk to him and of course he came after a while. He is such a lovely person and I can't say it enough: he is really so natural - even more natural than most 'normal' people. He really came up to us and started talking to us, smiling and hugging everyone and making pictures. And when you talk to him, he really looks into your eyes and really recognizes you. He was really patient and so nice ! He signed my BSSM cover and we made a picture and I also got to talk to him. But worthwhile, so many fans were all standing around him and wanting to make pics with him that sometimes he didn't know which camera to look in and he was like:' Which camera is it?' It made me laugh so bad.
So, after a while, he had to go but me and my friends still met him again outside accidentally where he was waiting for his car. And I got to talk to him again but he seemed to be pretty tired already. He asked me if I had been at the Hamburg gig and he also told me, that him and the Peppers will probably come to this festival in UK this summer. My friend asked him if he would like to come have dinner with us and he got so excited and started asking how to get there and all. He really wanted to come and got so happy but someone reminded him that he had an interview later that night, so it didn't work out. It would have been so awesome !
When his car arrived, he thanked us all and said bye and drove of.
I really must say: It was the greatest night ever for me. John has played such an important part in my life since so many years and I still can't believe that I had this great opportunity to get to see him and enjoy his wonderful music. He is a true artist and genius and a great inspiration to me. But the best thing is, that he is such a kind and warm person and that he doesn't act like a rock star. He is just himself and treats his fans with respect. When I talked to him, I felt like I am talking to an old friend whom I have been knowing my whole life. I didn't feel shy or anything. It was just…there really is no word to describe what I felt at that moment. That night, my friend said something great:' that we live everyday like it doesn't mean anything, the days just pass- but this day, we will never ever forget'. It will be the best memory I have ever had and I thank all the people who made it possible for me. I had such a great time in Paris. Thanx for everything to Lina, Darya and J.T. ! It was wonderful to share this experience with all of you ! And I think, I found friends for life that night ! And most of all, I want to thank John for sharing his beautiful music with us. Nothing can ever make me feel better than watching you making music ! I can't wait to see you again !
Love to you all !

Mansfield, MA. USA,16.07.00 Tweeter Centre

I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers last night in Massachusetts and they absolutely rocked. The entire concert was a great experience and the music was phenomenal. Blond Redhead opened and I first want to say that they were great even though they seemed under-appreciated by the audience. I don't know how they got hooked up with the tour (I'm guessing it might have to do with Nate Mendel's, Foo Fighters bassist, ties to the emo scene, but that's really just speculation) but I'm so glad they did. They opened with the one song I know by then (damned if I remember the name of it though) and basically just did a really great emo set. The Foo Fighters rocked with a virtual parade of their hits. They pleased the audience and my friends. Dave Grohl even got on the drum set at one point and rocked out. I thought that was especially neat-o. Then the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage, sporting mohawks. It was cute. Flea and John we shirtless (being a girl, I notice this type of thing) and Anthony wore some black and red ensemble. I couldn't see Chad that well because I was very far away and there was a TV blocking him. The set was cool - all these TVs onstage spewing out images and then 3 big screens opened up behind them and had all sorts of graphics mixed with live images. They opened with "Around the World" and went straight into "Give It Away" afterwards. They pleased the audience, knew what the audience wanted to hear, by playing all their hits. I don't know if this is the exact order, but they played "Scar Tissue" "Otherside" "Under the Bridge" "Californication" and a whole bunch of others that I can't remember. Flea played "Pea" which came as a surprise to most of the audience who hadn't heard it, but I loved it. Such a cool song. They ran off stage, then came back for two closing songs. "Soul To Squeeze" was the great one they closed with and it topped off the whole experience perfectly. I swear, they are so g ood live they could almost be a jam band. They just kicked funky beats and rocked all night long. This concert was great. The Red Hot Chili Peppers rock!
This review was written by Fengali - Thank You!

Melbourne, Australia, 01.02.00
, Entertainment Centre

First and formost, THANK GOD FOR JOHN!!!! The gig last night restores faith that the Chillis know exactlly what they are doing. They opened the night (after FLEAS Grandmother made a huge entrance to the stage) with Around the world, followed by give it away and Johns own unique version of How wonderfull life is - that Elton John song. I cant remember the order, but I do remember all the songs (I Think)
Around the world
Give it away
How wonderful
Scar tissue
Right on time
I like dirt
Soul to squeeze
Me and my friends
Look out kid
Search and destroy
I could have lied
My lovely man
Pea (with the propper "so fucking what ending")
Under the bridge
A 15 minute jam (which prooved John is the best guitarist since Jimi)
And the highlight of the evening, what I have been waiting 10 years to hear. SIR PHSYCO SEXY!!!!! Overall, nothing short of brilliant!
Ethan Cook

Brisbane, Australia 24.01.00 Boondall Entertainment Center

Well doors opened at 7:45pm and at *pm Crazytown came out and played 5 songs after them Magic Dirt came out and played 7 songs. Then after that out come the Chili Peppers!!!! Ahhhhh the crowd goes crazy there must have been 12 thousand ppl in the center. Suddenly the kick into Around the World which makes everyone go wild! After that the songs they played, that i could remember were......
Give It Away Scar Tissue
This solo song that John did and had these lyrics as well!
And it sounded damn good!
Under The Bridge
and they played another 8 or so songs but I either didn't know them or i just can't remember sorry! they didn't play Fire, suck my kiss, soul to squeeze, and nothing off One Hot Minute. Overall the concert Rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew ..........

(PS: If anyone should know where to get this bootleg please email me and I'll forward it - The webmistress)

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