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John Solo - Paris - 3rd February
Lionel's Story

To Blackie:
First I would like to thank you one more time from the bottom of my heart. I'm just coming back from John's private gig in Paris. Thank you to be so devoted to fans. You'r a great person,
I mean it. Sibel is a fantastic girl, she was very stressed but she managed it very well.
I didn't know what to expect from John alone on stage. Trust me, He was amazing. This man
is so sensitive ! He can make you cry only in looking at you. The concert room was very small, we were I think 100 persons. The emotion was total. John is such a fantastic artist in the true way of what an artist should be. Is work is so sincere, that you can't do something
else than loving it.
Then we've waited a little while in the room and Sibel told the manager that we were from the fan club and we would like to see John. He came with us, he signed us everything we wanted, we took pictures with him, we talked to him. A dream !
I would like to thank one more time everyone envolved in this promotional tour and specialy John, Sibel and you Blackie

We keep in touch.
LIONEL #8278
This review Also featured in "Bmail"redhotchilipeppers official site 5th February

PS: Lionel is the webmaster of Me & My Friends Red Hot Chilipeppers Site
check it out for more photos and info

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