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Emit Remmus

Funky monks

Give it away


Higher Ground

I Could Have Lied

If you have to ask

Organic anti beat box band

Soul to squeeze

Under the bridge

And More..

The Duck House = THE best source for tabs to all of John's Solo works -including some rare songs. Contains lyrics and audio samples too.

The Olga directory = A search engine for guitar and bass tabulature for all genres of music, also contains RHCP tabulature. The most extensive site I have found for tabs, contains several versions of each song.

RHCP Tabs = site with tabs to all the RHCP albums + rare songs

RHCP crappy guitar page
= A market gap: This site caters especially for "the worst guitarist in your family.." Tabs for hopeless beginners !

FlyFlea = Specialist Flea tabulature

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