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John Solo - Hamburg - 30th January
Nina's Story

I would like to write you so much about the concert, but im just not able to find the right words and formulations. I dont even know where to start.
I'll just describe the place first. The Prinzenbar is a bar with quite a
nice atmosphere. A Maximum 160 people can fit in, I was told.
It was quite full yesterday, which I think disturbed John. He seemed very nervous, and when he came on stage, it seemed as if he wanted to just race off as soon as
possible. The moment he got on stage, he immediatly started playing "Been Insane" almost forgetting to greet us. But after some time he calmed down and talked to us, joked around and laughed. Between his songs, he'd tell us little stories about the coming song. He also sang many songs by other interpreters which meant a lot to him many years ago, and still havent lost their meaning. These songs were from Joy Division,Iggy Pop,REM,David Bowie and Syd Barret. He sang some songs from "Niandra" and "Smile from" as well as new ones from "To Record Only Water for Ten Days".
It was really nice. After he'd sung his last song, he almost ran off the stage. We continued clapping and cheering until he came back and played some more songs for us- we just didnt want to let him go!
After he left the stage to get dressed , he shortly came back again
and signed autographs for us fans and we made photos.
I was so impressed by him! He seems exactly what I always thought he is. It was the happiest day of my life.
Thats why I also have to give you another great gigantic hug for making
it possible for me (and my mum) to go to this very special concert.

Hmm, well I dont know what else to say about the gig yesterday, for the
rest was just pure emotions.


PS:Did you know that John had already spent a week in Hamburg? I didn't know
he liked Hamburg so much.

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