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The International Press is buzzing with news of the Red Hot Chili Peppers having had to cancel their first Middle Eastern Tour ever, due to the radically increased safety risk.

As violence on both sides had stepped up increasingly over the last weeks, with suicide bomber terrorist attacks and military counter strikes tearing up the region in violence, the Peppers have had to cancel their show near Tel Aviv scheduled for the 28th this month, for security reasons.
The show had been much anticipated by fans and band alike, who were looking forward to play in the country of birth of their first guitarist Hillel Slovak, who had tragically died from a heroin overdose during the first phase of their career. Hillel had been a very close friend of all bandmembers, especially Flea and Anthony, who had written the ode "My Lovely Man" in memory of Hillel.
The Israel gig had been loaded with rumours from its beginning, and met with antagonism and hate campaigns by some, as much as it had been anticipated and seen as a symbol of hope by others.
Not long ago,an e-mail campaign had been launched calling for action to stop, what was inteneded to be a peaceful, musical mission for both sides of the fence, by political fanatics, citing a multitude of false rumours presented as facts.
Even Bill Clinton was stated as having "called the band to urge them to halt their plans to visit Israel in order to endow the boycott with a legitimate air.- In fact, Clinton, far from discouraging the trip, had asked Anthony at a private function, that they invite and provide free tickets to the organization that provides a camp for youth from both sides and promotes brotherhood between Israel and Palestine!

The cancellation of this- and other cultural events, poses a great blowback to a youth from both sides, for whom one would wish any possible occasion of this kind.
However, the band did state, that they "will come back at a less risky time".- Let's hope so, for isolation and segregation have always worked hand in hand - While the mission of art is to build bridges, cross boundaries, between mentalities and minds- And that can only be feared by those who wish to perpetuate the current status quo!

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Press Coverage Links

· BBC Online:
Chili Peppers cancel Israeli gig
Tuesday, 14 August, 2001, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK
Funk-rock group the Red Hot Chili Peppers have pulled out of a planned concert in Israel in the wake of increased violence.

· Israelinsider:
Red Hot Chili Peppers Cancel Israeli Gig
August 15, 200,by Ellis Shuman
"The band's motivation to come was large indeed," Weiss said. "That was understandable from the e-mails my office had received and from the interviews that the band had given."

· The Jerusalem Post:
Region too red-hot for Chili Peppers

August 15, 2001, by Abigail Radoszkowicz
"..he added that he wouldn't consider continuing with the festival without the Chili Peppers. "With them cancelling, that's the end of the festival," Weiss said.

· Billboard:
Chili Peppers Cancel Israeli Performance
August 14, 2001, 2:20 PM/Edited by Jonathan Cohen
The Red Hot Chili Peppers canceled a performance later this month at Israel's Heat Wave Festival due to security fears. More than 15,000 tickets were already sold for the Aug. 28 concert in Tel Aviv, according to a statement.

· The Guardian Unlimited:
Israel beset by siege mentality

August 17 2001 / by Suzanne Goldenberg

First it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, next British Airways. The sense of isolation among Israelis deepened this week as airline crews and pop stars made it clear they do not feel safe in the Holy Land.

· Eonline:
Give it away
Aug 14, 2001, 2:25 PM PT /by Josh Grossberg

Red Hot Chili Peppers canceling a concert in Tel Aviv set for later this month because of security fears in the wake of several Palestinian suicide bombings. Some 20,000 ticket holders are expected to get their money back.

Note:Troublekids in Funkheaven is in no way reponsible for the content of these links. Moreover it was not intended to give a one-sided view of the matter by providing mostly links to the Israeli publications, however, there was no report in the Palestine press. This report will be updated continuously.

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