Live report from The VMA 2000 Awards

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See a snapshot of Anthony at the VMA's

4.update =>Yee-ha! Californication has just won an award for best direction in a video!!!! finally! Keep 'em rollin'.... right here 3.update
=>Oh noooo, the Best Rock Video award has just been given to: Limp Biskit! well, 3 more nominations to go, surely this video stands more than a fair chance in the special effects and art direction departments!
 2.update: =>About ten minutes ago the Peppers performed Californication live, Anthony's voice sounding somewhat strained at first, but getting into it nicely for the second refrain. John modified his little solo only slightly, then giving over to Flea ..After the performance, RHCP were handed the Vanguard Award, the most prestigious of them all. Flea grabbed the mike to say that he was grateful for everything,life, the grey hairs in his mohican etc..He ended by sending out a warm hello to his daughter Clara. John shyed away from the mike passed in his direction, so Anthony yelled out an emphatic thanks to their moms and dads for making them play music.
1.update: So far only the Best Group Video award has been given out, sadly Blink182 won it. Anth is sporting his new mohican at its spikiest, he's raping his chewing gum and obviously in high spirits..Best dance video coming up now- we'll give this one a miss..
Stay on and keep hitting your refresh button!
- Peppers will be performing live- And this site will be updated live with each award won!
The video Californication has been nominated for 5 awards: Best Video of the Year; Best Group Video;Best Special Effects;Best Art Direction in a Video + RHCP will receive the most prestigous award of all: the Vanguard Award!

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