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Marieke- All the way from the Dutch lowlands to Hamburg - 30th January 2001

"Here I am waiting in Duisburg at the railwaystation for my connection and am allready writing you this letter... :)
Things went all so well! I met Nina and her mother and they were such nice people.
We went straight ahead to the Prinzenbar, and my name was on the list, you fixed it wow! The gig was awesome. For more than one hour I was totally absorbed and enjoying his music and his being... It was such an intense experience! I stood right in front of John, I could have touched him if I reached out- that close.
I felt really humble being so close to him while he was singing and playing in a way that felt so good it scratched my soul.
I took such a good look at him that I could draw him easily and I'm gonna.
Nina and her mother were really enjoying themselves too and Nina's mum talked with John during the concert, I'm glad that they had the chance to attend the show. Afterwards he came back to talk with us. He's such an interesting person, I would like to know him better- that's how he leaves you, curious but fullfilled and happy.

I would like to give you a big hug and kisses on both cheeks to put so much
effort in us fans. I wish you many happy days."


John and a mesmerized Marieke

winners Nina (left) and Marieke- nearly on stage

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