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Dearest Rockinfreakapotami ..

Should you have any questions,I will answer them gladly to the best of my ability!

And most of all any comments, suggestions, criticism - and contributions(!) - are more than welcome!-
It's you- the visitors -who made this cyberspace truly alive-
Thank you !

Due to the amount of virus and spam mail - at least 40 per day! (Thanks to commission junction, the company dealing with the RHCP store affiliation selling users mail adresses) - I had to set my account to exclusive. This means only people in my contacts folder can reach me, all toher mail will be automatically deleted. If you would like to ask questions, comment on the site or inquire about our services, you are still very welcome to do so, but please use the forum at

Please note, that unsolicited attachments and mails to multiple recipents are automatically deleted .

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