Five Questions with Flea - Interview

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Jane Magazine/ Issue December 2002

Flea, 40 has forever been everybody's favourite Chili Pepper. He's so adorably impish, that he could set fire to your living room and you'd just go: "Oh that Flea! he's so crazy", while gently patting out the flames. Along with surfing and his bass going, you can find him as the voice of Donnie on Nickelodeon's eco-friendly 'The Wild Thornberry's', which makes it's big screen debut this month. According to Flea, My Thornberry's character is a wild free flowing maniac." Central casting really went out on a limb there.

Jane: What would you do if you were a ghost?
Flea: I'd try to get out of the netherworld. Ghosts are kind of stuck in the in between stage, because they're afraid to surrender to the next dimension. So, I would have to dive off the cliff into the next dimension. Come what may.
Jane: Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Flea: Uhm, yes, I was having sex and I just wanted to stop. Hold on, isn't this a kid's magazine?
Jane: Hardly, what's the closest you've come to being arrested?
Flea: I was arrested and thrown in jail when I was 19 for stealing wonton skins. I used to shoplift a lot.
Jane: What are you doing tonight?

Flea:After I get back from rehearsing, with my band, I'll be packing because I'm leaving on a South American Tour tommorrow.
Jane: What's the weirdest thing you do when you're alone?
Flea: Propably pouring pee into my nose, because of a really bad sinus infection. I was told that it was a homeopathic remedy for clearing it out.
- J.L.

( Sibel's note: Before you think Flea's totally off his tree for pouring urine down anywhere outside of the toilet - Composer Beethoven used to pour it down his ears, or hold urine soaked bread rolls on them as poultice.. It's all the rage for any self respecting musician, you see! ;)

Thanks to Stefanie 'Ladybug' for sending this article!


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