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John Frusciante -Articles And Interviews

new: Chili Pepper guitarist two-timing - TS Interview with John on his forthcoming 4th album
Water muse surfaces - TS on the meaning of 'To record only water..'
John Interview- London 19th February by Dotmusic + Two part video!
To Record Only Water For Ten Days-Review and Interview 10th February 2001- Kerrang!
Water Music - Rock Sound Magazine 2/01
Review of TROWFTD - New Musical Express
John on going Solo and why Peppers don't like BSSM - Intermusic Interview1/2001
To Record Only Water for Ten Days- Review-Interview Magazine 2/2001
John on style and technique - colours and ghost voices - SonicNet 6.12.00
"Frusciante Alone" - On recording the    new album - L.A. Times Interview
How the album was conceived - Sonic Net Interview
"Funky Monks"- Guitar School Interview with Flea and John '92
"Til I reach the Higher Ground" - Guitar Player Article 11/97
More interviews on articles main page and new album pages

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