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The John Frusciante Listen & Watch Page

new: All of John's Solos show in Amsterdam 2001!

The entire Amsterdam show by John for donwload!
Special thanks to our friend Kurt 'Needles'.
"Going Inside"- the video
The live highlights from John's Paris show
Courtesy Nicolas' RHCP France Site -THE source for videos

Been Insane - live! At La Scène Paris
So Would've I- live! At La Scène Paris
The First Season- live! At La Scène Paris
Lucky- (Radiohead cover)- live! At La Scène Paris
Beat Down - live! At La Scéne Paris
John Interview- London 19th February by Dotmusic - Part1 (Article and partial transcript here)
John Interview- London 19th February by Dotmusic - Part2 (Article and partial transcript here)
"I consider Songwriting as an Art"- John Interview with extracts from his live show + the new Going Inside video! (By MCM French TV)
"I write plenty of songs wiht adjoining riffs because my songs are always very structural. I consider songwriting as an art. I try, each time, this part of me which thinks differently from others and I try to replace that in a very precise context." (Translation: Fuxia)
"My Album is pure and sincere"- John interview with extracts from his Paris show + RHCP videos
"If you imagine the idea of locking yourself in with a magenotophone and a DAT and you record the sound of water and then you do that for ten days- This would metaphorically compare the degree of purity and sincerity which I have put into this album, and this is why I named it as I did. "(Translation from French: Fuxia)
"Flea, Chad Anthony and Me"
-John video interview

"The songs which I compose for the Red Hot, come bit by bit. they are ideas, like a riff of 5 seconds for example whihc keeps coming back a few times and which I give to the group. Then , at this moment,Flea adds his bassline, Chad adds his drum part and Anthony adds his bit."(Translation from French: Fuxia)
"I feel very close to SydBarrett"
-John video interview '01 (MCM)
"Syd Barrett is my favourite songwriter. I've always felt very close to him and especially fater I quite the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In fact, it's a bit like him and me are guided by the same star. The tragic destiny which he experienced when he was fired from Pink Floyd" (Translation: Fuxia)
"I'm a fan of the song Parallel Universe"- John video interview (MCM)
"It's propably me who inspired Anthony for the song Parallel Universe because he knows this is the kind of lyrics which I love and the effect is I love that song. " (Translation: Fuxia)
Listen to real audio samples of To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Audio samples from John's Solo Albums

For live pictures and reviews from John Frusciante's Solo Tour please go to The John Frusciante Tour Dairy

More -Live High Quality Audio from John's Paris show coming up, please keep checking back