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Rolling Stone April 2000

Anthony in Ray Gun

Guitar & Bass Spring 2001

Guitar Player autumn 1999



Q 4 Music

Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine


Massive Mag

Smoke Magazine

Collection Imagenes del Rock

"De Grote Borneo Expeditie"
by tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher:
Diary + photos of Anthony Kiedis' and Henk's trip to Borneo
- More info on Henk's Homepage

"The Red Hot Chili Peppers"
by Dave Thompson
see sample pages here!Available at Amazon

Q Magazine 6/02

Visions No.111 (6/02)

Oor Magazine , Netherlands June2002
Read thefull interview at now!

Complex Magazine , US, November 2002

Crossbeat (Japan) December 2003

Guitar Breakers (Japan) Vol.3 2003

Rock'in on : Dec 2003 Issue

Socks..but no cocks
(Rare tour poster)
r for Recording - Paris 2nd February 2001

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