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Soul to Squeeze - Is the perfect music for your very own roadmovie... A journey which may be bound for a new uncertain life, for a trip down memory lane, or to the centre of the self likewise. One laughing , one crying eye - This gives you a taste of the bittersweet melancholy which would play an important role in Californication.
"Pleasure spiked with pain" at its finest, yet at the same time full of inner strength and calmness.

Fela's Cock -
A beautiful flowing, running instrumental piece
Red Hot Chilied Punk
Search and Destroy -
A most apt interpretation of Iggy's outcry from the early days.
©Fuxia 1999

The "Rare" E.P. was released during the time of "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" period in a series of three including a "Remix" and a "Live".

1. Soul to Squeeze (Non-Album track) - 4"50
(p) 1991 Warner Bros. Records

2. Fela's Cock (Non-Album Track) - 5"10
(p) 1991 Warner Bros. Records

3. Sikamikaniko (Non-Album Track) - 3"25
(p) 1991 Warner Bros. Records

4. Search And Destroy (Non-Album Track) - 3"34
(p) 1991 Warner Bros. Records


(Unfortunately this E.P. is hard to find in shops nowadays, neither have I found it for sale on the net. However, the Rare single with a different track lineup, and the other Rare albums, including a collection box can be ordered from Amazon et al.The Prices are quite steep, but if you still want to check this possibility, click here:
[Rare Albums]


Some Rare Flea Gems!

1. Flea: Amazing Bass Jam

2. Porno for Pyros:
"Hard Charger" -featuring Dave and Flea

3. Flea: Rare Bass solo

Rare Frusciante Gems!

1. Milla Jovovich(N.B. This song is not by Frusciante, neither does he play on it- Information on Napster is wrong. -Well worth listening to at any rate.)
Can you bend your back like this?

2. John on the invention of sound:

More to come soon! Please keep checking back.

"Flea's Birthday Suit" is a bootleg of a concert in Rotterdam Nov. 1995 during which Flea performed naked - in style with the occasion. I found it on a Paris Flea market!

1. Give it away
2. Suck My Kiss
3. Aeroplane
4. Warped
5. Walkabout
6. Backwoods
7. My Friends
8. Freebird/Sweet Home Alabama
9. Coffe Shop
10. Sound & Vision
11. Higher Ground
12. Hey Joe
13. Transcending
14. Pea
15. One Big Mob
16. Under The Bridge
17. Me & My Friends

Audio sample of a non album track from the single "Otherside" !
Courtesy of WEA for Troublekids in Funk Heaven
•"How Strong" - 28.8K Real Audio quality - Courtesy of WEA for "Troublekids In Funk Heaven"

• "How Strong" - 56K Real Audio quality - Courtesy of WEA for "Troublekids In Funk Heaven"
(Otherside was released in Europe on the 21st January2000)

OtherSide : Behind the Scenes Video

Californication Single
courtesy of WEA

1. Californication
2. End of Show Brisbane live (jam)
3. End of Show State College live (jam)
4. Could Have Lied live -
(Australian release only:
Yertle Trilogy Live )
For higher quality samples go to:
Californication samples and see the Californication video online too

My Friends Single

1. My Friends - 4"03
2. Coffee Shop - 3"09
3. Let's Make Evil (Non-Album Track) - 5"15
4. Stretch (Non-Album Track) - 5"54

Warped Single

1. Warped - 4"19
2. Pea - 1"48

3. Melancholy Mechanics (Non-Album Track) - 4"29

©2001Troublekids In Funkheaven - A Redhotchilipeppers Site


Such an amazing amount of creativity can be found among RHCP fans and chatroom folk, that it's high time they had a showcase of their own!
This space is dedicated to "give a voice" to all this hot new talent out there - time to come out of your garages, bedrooms and into the light- This page is for you!

Click on the logo to hear a full length track from
their first album. For further Info, bookings or CD mail: Fuxia
or Chouch

Chouch 1999
Chouch: Voc.+Lyrics
Vinz: Guitar
Max: Guitar
Francis: Drums

For more photos,sounds and upcoming tourdates visit their website!

DYSFUNCTIONAL BY CHOICE were founded in Paris 1996. Initially influenced by bands like Deftones, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Tool, or Refused, they soon left these behind to create their very own sound which defies being tied down to cultural or musical genres. As their singer, Chouch, puts it: “We are passionate about music, not fashion trends or categories. We focus on putting all our heart and energy into the sound, and into striking a chord with the audience, no matter who they are and where they come from. When it comes to our music, frontiers or limitations loose all meaning.” Instead, this classically lined up band is characterised best by driving rhythmic beats, the whiplash effect of their guitars and wild, extrovert live shows.
During the following 3 years DBC played more than 35 gigs in and around Paris - a city normally renowned for being difficult breaking ground for hardcore music. Moreover they have become a regular feature on the set-lists of various independent radio stations and concert halls all over France. In 1999 DBC proved their worth by winning a contest competing against a host of renowned funk and reggae bands, and was unanimously voted No1 by a panel of music editors from all of the major French radio stations. This secured them the release of their first CD (Self titled), featuring 4 tracks illustrating the spellbinding intensity of their unique sound. The release of this CD, which is sold in all FNAC outlets and other large record stores, gained them support act status for MCM /MTV chart successes such as: Aston Villa; Watcha and Oversoul. This year DBC will embark on a European Tour of their own. Their second album "BETA" has just been released and is available by mail order from Fuxia, Chouch or Vinz

More new bands

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