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Tatoos: Anthony Kiedis


Anthony Kiedis- entwined designs,
allegedly symbolizing love
How it all began.. young Anthony yet almost unadorned getting a tribal style armband in Amsterdam by Henk Schiffmacher

Anthony - Aztec stylized eagle with demon face
Anthony's back tatoo in full
Anthony - Armtattos: Indian head, armbands and entwined "love symbols"


Close up: Face of stylized Aztec/native Indian eagle above
Photo: Gus van Zand Source: Blood Sugar Sex Magic album
Anthony's first tattoo - Indian Chief Head

Anthony- Indian Chief and Fleur de Lys armband

This page is under construction and updated frequently. Should you have any pictures of RHCP tattoos please send them to Troubelkids- Thank You!

Tattoos: Flea

Flea- Aborigine Face/demon design (back)
  Flea- Celtic "Triskell" design used in Bretagne (France) and Ireland, located on right pectoral muscle :This ancient Celtic Design is taken from the Celtic Burial Mound at New Grange in Co. Meath.
This design pre-dates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland by some 3,000 years.
It is thought to be the oldest Celtic symbol and is supposed to represent the 3 stages of man: Birth, Death, Eternity.

Tattoos: Dave Navarro

Dave Navrro's Cross and Dominatrix Tattoos

Dave's Klimt Tattoo

Dave - Left Arm

Dave - Right arm, inside

Dave- Palm

Dave- Left arm, Inside

Tatoos: The Artist

"1000 Tattoos "
by tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher who designed many of the Pepper's tattoos + The Blood Sugar Sex Magik cover:
More info on Henk's Tattoomuseum Homepage

Links and Tips around the art of Tattoo:

Meaning of Designs: Spirals The spiral represented natural growth to the Celts. In many cultures since this has become the symbol of eternal life. Surrounded by water as they lived and worked the Celts were constantly reminded of the flow and movement of the universe. The spirals they painted were the artistic representation of the continuous creation and the dissolution of life. The space between the spirals were the divisions of Life, Death and re-birth.
Hanky Pank's Tattoo Museum
Henk Schiffmacher -the very man who created the pepper's tatoos- runs this altar to the world's most beautiful body art. A must for tatoo fans and future bearers!
Should you be dreaming of getting an original RHCP tat yourself- There's only one way:

Tattoo Studio Hanky Panky's Hang Out
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 141 1021 ES Amsterdam; Netherlands

Skin and Ink
- Another beautiful site dedicated to Tattoo art

Irezumi - Links In Japan, tattooing has been elevated to an art form, known as Irezumi. Irezumi was most popular in the 17th and 18th centuries of Japan. 'Ire' means 'to put ' and 'zumi' means 'ink'

"Must" Movies on Skin and Ink
(personally recommened by Fuxia )

"Irezumi "
(or: The Spirit of Tattoo) 1982
Directed by:Yoichi Takabayashi

In brief: To satisfy her lover's fetish for tattooed women, Katsuko agrees to have her body covered in eloborate tattoos by craftsman Kyogoro who has a secret technique- ,an entagled web ofpain, love,mystery and discovery ensues.
Stunning images but not for the fainthearted. More info and availability

"The Pillowbook"
Directed by Peter Greenway 1997

Starring Ewan MacGregor, Vivian Wu

"It's not a film, it's an ... experience" rates one critic -A world of poetry, calligraphy, bodies and strange obsessions, of frames within frames and words within pictures..
The pleasures of Body and Text are woven together in the mind of Nagiko (Vivian Wu), a modern Japanese woman fixated with the writing of words on skin. As a child, her birthday is celebrated with a face-painting ritual by her father, marking God’s creation of human beings from clay figures by writing on them. As an adult, she seeks out lovers who will write over her body, exchanging sex for calligraphy. And then there is a hateful marriage, a passionate love with a translator (Ewan McGregor) , a revenge, and the writing of a series of eleven "Books" on bodies, which are simultaneously an act of love and revenge.
(More info)

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