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18.04.06- The Rockinfrea-A-Meets 99-04! RHCP Fan Community Memory Album

Our Rockinfreak-a-meets 1999- 2004, pictures, running commentaries and stories: It's all here again! As I find the time, I will put up all photos of old fan and fanclub meetings on this site, you're welcome to contribute to complete our album - (4x Paris, 1 HQ meet are already up now - Enjoy! Follow this link to the Rockinrfeak-a-family album.

We are MTV UK's 'Fansite Insight'!
Troublekids in Funkheaven
"Sibél's fansite is so userfriendly, even a monkey could log on! Here at mtv.co.uk we think the design is cool and simple. Check out the extensive discography and extremely detailed equipment section. This is a must for any Chili fan!"

20.02.04- Listen to John's Demo & Acoustic versions for free online!

11.12.03 - Slane Live Photos & Slane Streaming video samples!

    Slane Live Photos

    3 full length Slane Live video samples!
Anthony Live At Slane 2003

09.12.03 - New European Tour Dates for 2004!
    Dates for RHCP's European Summer appearances have just been announced


30.09.03- New studio album, new live DVD

Greatest Hits CD/DVD AND Live at Slane DVD!
Sample draft cover art for Greatest Hits

28.04.03- Win RHCP Tickets with the Your Player !

Win tickets ,watch behind the scenes Can't Stop footage,listen to the album and get dates!

20.01.03- By The Way Photo Gallery

Stills form the official By The Way Promotion Photo session - Enjoy!

17.12.02- THE ChiliChat is back!

Multicity have given us the old chat tool back again - just the way you loved it! cli
ck here
Click here to access the Chilichat!

12.12.02- Melbourne Review

Eliah reports wild scenes from down under

06.11.02- Five Questions for Flea

Jane Mag meets a wild free spirit (Submitted by Stef 'Ladybug')

By The Way.. All about the album and its singles!
   Articles & interviews, single news , cover design , and order info

24.7.02-Watch the Paris - Olympia show and interviews online
    Click on the image to your right to watch the Olympia show and interviews

12.4.02-Flea Chat on Ninemsn for National Youth Week 2002!
    Flea chats with fans about the new album, life, music- and we have the full transcript!

3.9.01- The Robb Cohen Gallery: Exclusive Live Pictures
    Previously unpublished live and backstage photos by one of the best pros!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Video History
- The complete collection of RHCP videos from 1985- 1999
Can't wait for the new album and the tour? Revel in sweet memories and get into the spirit

The latest RHCP News, Photos, Interviews and more
        by Rolling Stone© for Troublekids

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08.11.02 - Frusciante's Hand as Font.. in The John Tour Diary and two new mediacovers
06.11.02-New interview with Flea - donated by Ladybug. In between plenty of updates (see news) and put most of the John in Paris show online for download here!
15.08.02- A brandnew interview with John on his 4th album!
09.08.02- A new photo of John in Paris and the review to suit! Also new Tatoo pictures.
08.08.02- An excellent in depth interview with Anthony Flea and John + a Total Guitar interview with John.. enjoy!
24.07.02- Watch the Paris show online + video interviews with the whole band, and win RHCP gear - it's all up in the main news section! Also added a brand new concert review of the Talanta show by Brian Huff (Thank You Brian!! ) In Reviews section and good news about John in the John Tour Diary pages don't miss it! Actually there were dozens of updates between the last one logged here from May and now, but too much to write a new log for all of them.
18.05.02- New Picture section due to popular demand: Tattoos and the World of Tattooing! (Still under construction, more added soon)
17.05.02 - Books have been added to the Media pages - some interesting treats like Anthony's diary from his Borneo expedition(extracts will be added soon) - New Cali Promo pics are coming up tonight and a tattoo section is in under construction.
13.-16.05.02- It's been a long time but now Troublekids is back full blast: A big bunch of updates from new album to Tour and special competitons - And the main picture page is finally getting its much needed overhaul (picture files at 80kb or more each? *Shudders)At over 700 pics creating thumbnails by hand and redesigning the pages can take a while as you may understand .. To sweeten waiting time I've added 6 new pics to the Cali and "Private" pics sections and more are to follow soon, so it's well worth checking out the new pages!
8.03.02- redesigning the site and making new photo sections- new additions to the A-Z directory (including "Basquiat" or "Stuff") ... intrigued? surf it out
24.02.02- A long overdue update for the news! Sorry but work doesn't leave me the time.
13.11.01- "Listen & Watch" - Troublekids' new multimedia page featuring delicious rare eye and ear candy treats.
11.11.01- John's Solo show in Paris for download Part 1 has been launched,+ one special treat with Kirsten Vigaard- so far I have put the url shortcuts in the Forum -Enjoy! :)
1./7.11.01- Peppers will finally release their much rumoured Live DVD and Troublekids is proud to be the first site on the web to give you the full details! + More details on release date for the new album in our Updated tour & album section.
3.10.01- The best Christmas present ever: Red Hot Chili Peppers + John Frusciante live gigs in L.A. and Flea's new music Conservatory where the master himself will teach!
24.8.01 - A vivid first hand account of the Red Hot Chili Peppers live at V2001 Festival.
18.8.01 - 5 New Promotion Pictures of John -smiling, sulking, in bed.. + The Pictures sections are all gradually getting refurbished-Since loading the pix pages takes forever and a day, I'm turning all pics on this site into thumbnails by hand (not photoshop auto)and reducing filesize wherever possible -at several hundred pics, said refurbishing takes forever and ten days, argh!
17.8.01- Unfortunately things were happening in Pepperland sooner than expected: The Israel show has been axed last minute- A full report, all the media headlines and press links can be found in the Special report. Updated with news continuously.
13.8.01- Nothing happening in Pepperland? Getting the shakes from lack of Pepperfix? Troublekids has the remedy: The Robb Cohen Gallery -featuring mouth watering pics from legendary live gigs, both on and backstage, dressed in clothes or tattoos only - And updated weekly just when the craves set in again.. Very special thanks to Robb Cohen, longstading professional concert photographer and photojournalist, who kindly donated these exclusive pics to us!

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And most of all any comments, suggestions, criticism - and contributions(!) - are more than welcome!- It's you- the visitors -who made this cyberspace truly alive-
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