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+Interview with John on his new, 4th album

Live at "La Scéne" Paris 3rd February 2001

All pictures copyrighted by FuxiaDesign and J. Tessot. Images strictly for private use only.
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a john "scéne-ario" at its purest
(©j.tessot & fuxia art)

frusciante live at la scéne
(©j.tessot & fuxia art)

tickled pink aura
(©j.tessot & fuxia art)

feeling blue at la scéne
(©j.tessot & fuxia art)

john signing autagraphs at the meet and greet with manager louie
(©fuxia art)

john parlaying with his french fans while autographing
anything that was thrust at him
(©fuxia art)

with competion winners:
lionel , webmaster of me& my friends site+ lina
(©fuxia art)
yakking with the crowd at ease,
flanked by louie and mehrnaz
(©fuxia design)
winners lina and mehrnaz feeling truly lucky-
after we bumped into john again in the streets of paris
(© fuxia design)

florent's view of john in paris
(© florent coulon)

"fame wrote this song to me.."
(© florent coulon)

Live Radio Session at Radio OuiFM Paris - 2nd Fenruary 2001

Photography by Florent Coulon (story) ©2001 Exclusive for Troublekids in Funkheaven (thank you florent!)
Florent - To donate ..only a bottle of Water for Recording - Paris 2nd February 2001

The second picture is John after his session, he quits Ouifm.... you
can see on both pictures a little bottle of water (Evian). - It's mine!!!!! When
John arrived at Ouifm, the Ouifm staff was like "Hey, he needs two bottles, we
have only one!" I said " It's all I have!!!" giving them my bottle.
John filled it up with something brown....the same mix that he had during the show.
John kept my bottle.

And what a wonderful show we had yesterday with John.....I want to see him



John jamming on the air tonight

John departing from OuiFM

John In Hamburg 30th January 2001
All Hamburg Pictures by Christian Löffelmacher©2001

John's autogramm- on the mail telling christian-"sorry a replacement winner has been chosen .."
One desperate trainride and many urgent phonecalls and we got him on the list..

John in the Prinzenbar

John, Hamburg, flexing hands

John Hamburg

John and the mesmerized competition winner Marieke

winners Nina (left) and Marieke- nearly- on stage

christian and the man himself

The Frusciante Magical Mystery Experience Paris 3rd February 2001
Busrides up to 18 hours from all corners of Europe- music and love know no boundaries and obstacles..Some people found courage they never knew they had and all of us new friends and a family of kindred spirits!

Mehrnaz Alirezaie
mehrnaz' story
Lina Bengtsson
Vincent Bertellin
Lionel Sanchez
lionel's letter to Blackie
Sophie Mul
Francois Deweulf
Todd Mc Millan
Amanda Drosten
Francois Meunier
Nicolas Peyraud

Sibel's Story
Julien Tessot
Florent Coulon
florent's story

I'm still speechless after last night's gig- and the wonderful, warm encounter with the little gang of knights in shining armour!
It was a great pleasure getting to know you (and John) and sharing the experience, being touched by your warmth.
Many thanks and kisses to all !

Hamburg - A close shave Adventure  30th January 2001
Winners, chicken outs-replacement winners -replacement for the replacement winners and two courageous and desperate trainrides!
(I'd like to thank the little Hamburg gang for their reviews and photos and greatly enjoyable communication.

Nina Loetzer
Nina's story

Marieke from Uitrecht
marieke's story

Christian Löffelmacher

Nina's Mother

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