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Troublekids in Funkheaven -  News Archive and  Update-Log Archive

13.02.03- US Ticket Special Presale !

"All Official fanclub members can buy their tickets + best seats in advance - log in here!

Fanclub members log in now for your tickets!

21.01.03- Tribute To The Ramones finally released!

"We're a happy family"feat.RHCP, has hit the shelves-all about the how and where!

MTV Europe Music Awards 2002
Red Hot Chili Peppers win Best Live Act and Best Rock Act
    See the video at MTV - Click here!

21.7.02- Hear tracks from the album+ band commentary!
    Listen to the tracks full length and get the story of how they evolved right here!
Click me  to hear a  full length new song !

21.12.01- New RHCP Live DVD out now ..(update + DVD review!)
   Portland 2000 show including rare covers and John Frusciante solo material live

18.12.01- Silverlake: RHCP live- Review + Flea teaching bass
    The event of the year: Pop Eye Festival Dec. 2001 and Flea's Conservatory of Music

26.8.01- Offical Fanclub Meetings in Paris+ US: Access All Areas
    26.8. Updated with Report and Pictures from the Global Fanclub Meeting in Michigan!

24.8.01- The Red Hots invade Europe - V2001 Live Review!
    Premiere of new songs, revival of beloved classics, John solos and a high spirited band

17.8.01- Israel Tour Special - Show Cancelled for Security
    Pepper's first Middle East concert cancelled- a special report on myths and facts

19.6.01- Dave Navarro's New Solo Album: "Trust No One"
    updated 17.8.: news, audio- streaming video and review

17.3.01: John Special News Feature  :   the album - the tour
 The John Frusciante Tour Diary ©: Exclusive Pictures and features from John's Solo Tour!

9.12.00: MTV RHCP Special Weekend- 10 Hours of Peppers !

News update12th Dec. 00: Live chat with Dave Jerden, ex-producer of Chili Peppers on Wednesday 13th, 3pm PST-click here!
MTVFrance and Netherlands will host a Red Hot Chili Peppers Special next weekend on the 16th and 17th December!
Just tune in from 11 am to 4p.m. saturday and sunday! To find out if your regional MTV will broadcast the Pepper bonanza as well, go to, choose your location, and then select "schedule". Sadly UK and Ireland will Not get the peppered weekend , and "not for a long time"(MTV spokesperson)
"With a rock- hybrid mixture of punk, funk, rap and metal, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have established themselves as one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years despite the instability of the band since the death of former guitarist Hillel Slovak." (Source: "Point Cable" No. 62- Translation by Fuxia©)

Moreover You can all vote online for Road Trippin' to be played on MTV Select : Just go to: , choose your country, then , under "shows" "Select MTV", where you click "menu", scroll for Red Hot Chili Peppers- Road Trippin' and fill in the short form stating why you want this particular song to be played. It's as easy as ABC !
More info on Road Trippin' in the special below- video stream and sound samples to come on this site soon!

16.11.00: MTV European Music Awards- RHCP won the Awards for Best Rock Act!
Vote in this > year's 
                          MTV European Music Awards. Click Here!
Click on the banner , to see coverage of the show and other winners
The group did not perform at the Awards show.However, drummer Chad picked up the Award on behalf of the band, who, he said "are working on a video".
Chad came on right after Madonna's performance and true to his style remarked: "That Madonna is one sexy bitch! I'll take her over Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera any day." He also encouraged all the kids in the audience who are musicians to start bands because "we need more rock bands".

Drummer Chad Smith is finishing up his "drum school" tour across the UK with Steve White. If you want to grab a last chance at learning from some of the best pros around, here are the dates:
17th November....Matchetts...Belfast
18th November....Poole Percussion....Poole
19th November....Drumwright....Reading.

MTV Video Music Awards 2000. Click here for the Live report!
Anthony at the VMA's

Peppers score three awards at the VMA's:
Best Direction, Best Art Director+ the Vanguard Award for Lifetime Achievement!

Win Tickets for Red Hot Chili Pepper/ Stone Temple Pilots gig!
July 31 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel; New Jersey, or win one of fifteen copies of the Stone Temple Pilots CD "No 4".
(Click on the banner)
Contest ends July 26th so hurry!
16th June 00: Californication single backsides+sound samples!
Backsides with sneak preview!

2. End of Show Brisbane live (jam)
3. End of Show State College live (jam)
4. Could Have Lied live -
For higher quality samples go to:
Californication samples and streaming video!

News: Monday 27th March 2000   :  No European gigs this year!
As the management of RHCP have informed me, contrary to prevailing rumours the Peppers will not play any concerts in Europe this year. This applies to festivals as well as possible solo gigs. This information has been verified to me personally by their spokesperson and is a definite decision .The reason for this is that: .."the Europeans have had them three times already, while America hasn't had a proper tour in years." Therefore touring America is given priority.
                                                              Upate Log Archive

05.8.01 - Updates concerning the new album and 2002 Tour in the tour section and fanmeet page. Am working hard on Robb's exclusive live pics of the Peppers.
02.7.01 - New pictures for the "family album" from the Fanclub meeting in Paris- Soon to come over 40 Exclusive live and backstage pictures by famous Rock photgrapher Robb Cohen
26.6.01 - For those who missed out on the Rockinfreak Clan gathering in Paris- an up close report bearing good news ;) And a refurbished news section bearing less text and clutter to load faster and lead to long picture features instead.
21.6.01- Desperately looking for a menu item which seems to have vanished? Don't worry, I didn't remove any pages- I just made the entire menu anew. This was neccessary as the site has grown so much that room had to be created for new items- more features in the making for this site so check back soon! And now I'm off this damn comp, it's Fete de La Musique here in France, free live music, thousands of bands playing in the streets all night long till dawn.. Heaven! (PS: Dysfuntional By Choice will play at the Odeon tonight so if you're anywhere near come and see them!!)
19.6.01- In honour of ex- Pepper Dave Navarro's new album "Trust No One", I have created a special Dave Feature complete with streaming audio of ALL songs, review, and a few of his nicest pics to top it all up- to be expanded soon! + expect an exclusive report and pictures from Blackie's meeting with Rockinfreaks in Paris in a few days.
5.5.01- Thanks to Kurt from Amsterdam, you can download the entire John solo show at "La Paradiso" !
30.4.01 - Christina Mc Clendon donated a link of her fascinating San Fran John show photo story (Thank You Christina) More on John pages + Plenty of new exciting fansites dealing with anything Peppered, from Flea specials via Italian rhcp sites to -finally- a new Chad site!Coming up next: Vincent De Gallo's videos with John- all of them, the full sheenanigan, uncut!! So see you here soon ;)
2.4.01+6.4.+ 17.4. - New live pictures of John in New York by NicoleAntoine and Jeanine Ieraci- and lots more to come soon! +Tour update: RHCP to play Denmark's national Football stadium!
26.3.01- John Frusciante Tour Update and The entire collection of Red Hot Chili Pepper videos to play and watch online!
13.3.01 - New video interviews with John on his solo work, RHCP, Syd Barrett.. on the Listen and Watch Pages
27.2.01 - A picture Gallery/ Index for John Frusciante photos and new promo pics + press release have been added! Browse and ogle at leasure - enjoy.. :)
23.2.01- New offstage pictures from John's Paris show. Lot's more from Amsterdam and Toronto in the archives, to follow a.s.a.p.
22.2.01- Live Audio tracks from John's Solo show in Paris! More in the making.
21.2.01- New pictures from the Amsterdam show, 2 new forum- and a new,additional John Frusciante website kindly donated by Antonin de Gardin to Troublekids in.. Soon to be incorporated! this means: even more photos, lyrics and tabs, enjoy!(Thank You Antonio!!)
21.2.01- Three new John articles and reviews
19.2.01- New face for the news section and a Toronto pictures page + Paris setlist for the John Diary- A lot more material- pics, reviews, articles and audio, waiting to be uploaded..
16.2.01 -New live pictures of John in Amsterdam submitted by Jochen Van Roojen.
15.2.01 - The John Tour Diary is growing continuously with pics and reviews- the sky's the limit! Now equipped with menu bar- for those who worked up a good appetite-leading you straight to pages and links dedicated to all things Frusc and beautiful.PS: I got my copy of TROWFTD today :)
9.2.01- The launch of the John Frusciante Tour Diary- A diary written with love by John's "knights in shining armour" - stories as unique as the adventurers themselves, who travelled from all corners of Europe (and even Canada) to experience this magic. Three new stories.

8.2.01- New Exclusive pictures from John's Live session at radio OuiFM Paris.
7.2.01 - The first images of John's Hamburg show, and a personal story about the Paris gig.
All on the John Special Photo Feature Page, This section and news section updated daily!
20.1. - 6. 2.01- daily updates of John tour dates and details,conception, organization and realization of of John ticket competiton, addition of related articles and live photos.
4.1.01- New: All albums in the Discography section have been equipped with audio samples!! Browse, listen and enjoy!+ All singles and rare releases have been added-Troublekids proudly presents: THE most complete discography on the net!!!
Addition of a fascinating interview with John Frusicante on his forthcoming album + tidbits on the new Pepper's album!
9.12.00 - Rare photos of Flea/ Clara and Chad with baby Manon
+ SonicNet interview illuminating some of the burning questions about the new Peppers album and bandmember solo projects added!
25.11.00 - Another Kiedis Interview fresh on the shelves: Rolling Stone 12/14 on: Anthony's personal highlights of the year and his dreams for the next.+ Daily updates for the last two weeks: e.g.: John Frusciante Interview, news on the Road trippin' single and more pics..
15.11.00 - A brandnew interview (December 00 issue) with Anthony Kiedis, kindly donated by Aphrodite.
14.11.00 - New photos added to the pictures section: One more of Anthony and Yohanna, and a very unusual delicious one of John- Nude and with blonde short hair + several new magazine covers!
12.11.00 - Find everything you ever wanted to know about the Peppers.I have added an Internal keyword search function as well as sitemaps and websearch to this site!
04.11.00 - Finally got some time off to work on this site again- sorry for the delay- This time it's some Rare Flea and John sound samples! Five for starters, to be updated continuously until it has become a library of sound! Keep checking back!
04.9.00 - NewMusic has been established: The page dedicated entirely to the musical talent among this community- complete with sound samples, bio, pictures...Forget MTV- this is what music is all about! Love not dosh.

03.9.00 - New interviews :An extensive and very personal feature and interview on each by Rolling Stone conducted in their private homes, and a special interview with Flea by John Malandrone. Enjoy! + The messageboard has had a complete overhaul: New forums, features layout and a guestbook at last- no registration required !
16.8.00 - Several great new sites reviewed in the rhcp links Directory + new categories.
9.8.00 -
More Full Length Live Audio samples from the "Flea's Birthday Suit" bootleg in
Rare Tracks

19.7.00 - New concert reviews from the US tour, A Pepper's ticket giveaway contest + pic of Anthony's new Mohican (live pics section)
19.6.00 - New! A section dedicated to YOU has been added to the rare tracks page, soon te be a site of its own: Fantalent, a showcase for all the creative talent among the visitors of this site and Rockinfreaks! All of you are more than welcome to exhibit your art on this site,may it be music, poetry, paintings.. mail me your contributions, comments -and devote your eyes and ears to what may be the stars of tommorrow ..Who knows!
(But please don't mail me MP3 files as they'd bust my mailbox.)
07.5.00 - More exclusive pictures from Moscow by Nadejda! Go to The Lebedeva Gallery (PS:they're spread all over the Gallery)

A host of Updates in several sections:
New Pictures :
Behind the scenes footage of Flea + Clara, Anthony + Yohanna, John and Chad in the : Offstage section; lot's of new (and old) magazine covers + 1 new promo shot = All to be found on the Pictures page
Solo albums
have been added to the Discography page, starting with John
All links have been checked and repaired + several new ones added, browse through RHCP Links Directory for anything you've always been looking for but couldn't find in the www jungle.
12.4.00 -
Exclusive: The story of a man who unexpectedly found himself spending an entire night with the Peppers - flying to Moscow. Go to Concert Reviews for the full story.

The Chili Chat is working again. Should you have any problems in there, please goto Chatroom 2. I know that most of You hate registration, but You can register as many names as you wish and re- enter under a different name. Your registration information is kept confidential by the host, and even I don't have access to it.
13.3.00 -
I've added some more rare sound samples in real audio, perhaps they can make waiting for the chatroom to work a sweeter task..
7.3.00 -
Added an interview with Flea and John to the Interviews section.
Moreover I've installed a new, different chatmodel under Chatroom 2, should there be any technical problems or annoying visitors, just move simoultaneously to the second room.

6.3.00 -
Get a free exclusive Funkheaven e-mail adress and account! Join here: ZZN Account
27.2.00 -
Thanks a million times for all of you chatroom visitors tonight, for having made this a true reunion and spreading such a wonderful spirit ! I really hope it can stay that way - It's up to you !The room is, what you make out of it, all of you.. so please keep the habitual troublemakers out - don't give them any hold over this room too like they did in the old one- put them on ignore, if u are all doing it, it works!
Of course you can tell them your opinion and defend yourself, the thing is, not to make this actually enjoyable for them though - most of all they want attention and the more they can annoy you, and make the nice folk leave, the more they'll love it...

New section on the "Pictures" page: Offstage - Home and Away. It is launched with a private photo of of Anthony "Dances with Wolves Kiedis" - more to come soon!

7.3.00 -
1.) I apologize for the current trouble with both chatrooms. If you enter chili chat, it appears that no one can read you, or you them. In the second room, which I had installed for precisely this purpose, people have reported that they can't register and it says" temporary room" The chatting in room2 works fine though once you have entered.- Apparently this host has technical problems too! I've mailed both of them and looked up their tech help pages but the problems weren't listed. All I can do unfortunately, is to wait for the hosts to solve this - Hopefully by Monday. Please keep checking back, thank You for Your patience.
- I've added a second, different chatroom due to the current technical problems of Multicity. So if you have problems in the Multichat, just go to "Chatroom 2".
14. 01.00 - WEA/Warner webmaster Thomas Werner has donated the handwritten setlist of a limited access gig in Hamburg !- You can find it in the Pics / live section. I've also updated the discography with a list of the single - backsides from various countries - they differ a lot ( just when you thought you had them all..)

- Completed the "Equipment" section . Added the soundtracks to the discography (Flea has written a new soundtrack!),+ some more links to the directory.Soon to come: New photos by WEA/Warner.

08.01.00 - Started to build up the RHCP Directory - a jungle book for the web by keywords Added a videography with reviews to the Filmography section. Lately I live on tea, cigarettes and moonlight... - goodnight!
Grammy award update with direct link, see News section above
24.01.00-Good news: my faithful "Russian hotline" Otherside has just told me that Nadejda will also donate some of her previously unpublished photos of RHCP to this website! I'll bring them online for you as soon as I receive them. Good news no.2:Soon to come: A WOM - Magazine interview with Flea and Chad previously unpublished in English!

- Photographer Nadejda Lebedeva has donated her pictures from RHCP's gig in Moscow's Red Square - Personally, I think they are the most beautiful photographs of RHCP I've ever seen ! They can be found in the picture section below the Warner photos. (Thanks also to Irina "Otherside" for translating the correspondence)

- Added the discography including singles, rare and compilations.
Also added a small review of the Rare album (in "rare tracks")and started to add to the "equipment" section.

06.01.006- Lots of new pictures! from WEA; Magazine Covers; and a link to Live Photos from the Billboard awards show-6.606.01.00

05.01.00 - Added Anthony's filmography;some of the new photos and a news section.

03.01.00 - Added the filmography for Flea and an article/essay on the musical style, exclusively written for this site! Feel free to comment/discuss at will on the message board.  

02.01.00 - Added miscellaneous pictures which were sent to me by GroovyMexicanGirl. New pics will arrive next week!

29.12.99 - Added a backstage picture of Flea - more to come soon, I'm waiting for the pics to be developed - and you can find a link to an extensive RHCP guitar and bass tabs site.

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